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October 25, 2012
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"Oh, my. Andrew told me you'd gotten hurt..."

Dragonair slid in to his room, her long blue body floating just above the floor. Ronan lay in his bed, his leg wearing its newest fashion statement--a long cast that stretched over his femur. He perked up a bit at the sight of his visitor, shutting his DSi as she entered.

"Oh, hey Dragonair! This is a nice, yeah." He gestured to his broken leg, mumbling. "Fell down some stairs, nothing big." He sighed and shook his head a little, then sat up and rested against his headboard. He was embarrassed, really...getting hurt again even with his dear Milotic, Myla, nearby to watch him.

Dragonair shrugged off his self-frustration, though, and eased her way over to him. "Still, can't be fun just lying around like this." She glanced over at his closed game system and chuckled. "I mean, staring at that box only lasts SO long, or at least Andrew thinks so!"

Ronan smiled and shrugged. It wasn't that the DSi bored him, but with Myla away for the day it was nice to have company. "So Andrew sent you, huh?"

"Kind of...he wanted me to check up on you, but I was in the area anyways. Besides," she smirked, "the only time he ever tells me what to do is in battle. I mean, can you really see little Andrew telling me what to do?" She laughed at that one, a bright, cheery sound that was sweet on the ear.

Ronan couldn't help but laugh there, too. "Not likely! You happen to be pretty big...i've had the same experience with Myla, too."

"Well, that gives me an idea." Dragonair slid forward and started to move onto Ronan's bed, most of her long body still curling and coiling on the floor. She leaned in close to Ronan and said, "How would you be interested in a change of scenery, Ronan?"

Ronan cocked his head, backing away a bit as Dragonar's head neared. "Change...of scenery?"

"Y-yes, i mean--being on bedrest must get boring after awhile, right?" She started to blush, her blue cheeks turning purplish-red.

It'd be nice to go outside, or something, Ronan thought. She's right, it's getting really boring to be all alone in this room all day. I suppose that would be fine, cast is a hassle." He laid his hand on his cast, sighing again at the sight of it.

Dragonair smiled softly and nudged his hand off of his leg. "Dear, do you really think that would be a bother for me?" Timidly she flicked out her tongue and gave Ronan a soft lick, her long tongue silky-smooth against his face. "And...i'll be extra-gentle, too, if you'd like, y'know...see new scenery without having to leave this room." Embarrassed, she blushed a little more, her idea added to by a new sound--the slight gurgle of her stomach lower in her body.

Ronan, now a little sloppy with her saliva, got her meaning. "I suppose, I-I mean, do trust you."

Dragonair's body coiled and slithered up around Ronan's resting form, slowly wrapping around him in a soft grip. "Well then, may I take you?"

Ronan, a little hesitant, leaned against her neck. "Yes ma'am, you may."

Dragonair leaned in and licked Ronan again, this time all around his head and neck, as gently as possible. "There, there...I promise, i'm safe inside. I won't hurt you, Ronan...and, thank you." She kept licking him, tasting his torso as she nuzzled closer to him. She then stop, looking back into his eyes. "I forgot to ask, w-would you prefer I swallowed you headfirst? Or, should we ease your leg down first?"

"Whichever you prefer," Ronan said, "Though remember--this isn't my first time." That thought made him smile, rubbing her jaw just like he would with his dear Myla.

"Well, let's try to keep you as comfortable as possible." She started to wrap her tail around his injured leg, elevating it as she wanted to make sure it was gently ingested. Before she moved any further, she looked down and smiled again. "And, thank feels really nice when you rub my jaw. I do suppose you have some experience being prey, don't you?" She straightened up and looked around again. "Speaking of which, where is Myla? And, she wouldn't mind me doing this, would she?"

"Myla's out and about today, Dragonair" Ronan replied. "But don't worry, she trusts Andrew and you, so you'll be fine. But, it WILL be different, being i-inside of you...though i have it from a certain friend that it's nice in there." He poked her neck then traced the white scales of her underside down to where her belly began.

Hehe! Well, i do's a privelage, to be safe inside when so many other predators aren't. I cherish it...I cherish him, too...and i cherish a chance to show you how I can be both strong and safe." Dragonair lifted Ronan's broken leg with her tongue, softly starting to suck on both of his legs and drawing them up into her mouth. "Mmmmhh...i hadn't considered plaster to be a pleasing taste, but with your scent, your sensation all around it it's delightful!"  Dragonair happily started helping Ronan into her maw, small teeth glistening with her saliva as she slurped him up.

Ronan let out a low sigh, seeing inside of Dragonair's maw for the first time. "You seem to be enjoying this more than I, eh?" He wanted her to keep feeling that, so he reached into her mouth and started to rub her soft palate on the roof of her mouth.

"Mmmmhh...i-it's alright, just relax..." Dragonair took a small swallow to make more room in her maw. Her jaws opened wide around Ronan's torso as she swiftly took him almost wholly inside. His broken leg rested partways inside her esophagus, her cushiony tissues acting as a pillow and preventing any pain. Her saliva splashed around him inside her mouth. "Yum!" Dragonair giggled, "Mmmh, are you doing okay Ronan? Not hurt or anything? D-don't worry about me, i can still breathe fine--even with a friend half in my throat!"

He nodded slightly, squirming inside of her body as he played a bit inside. Ronan knew how much a pred could enjoy that kind of cat-and-mouse movement inside, the playful struggle of a prey. He felt his legs starting to slide deeper into that delightful warmth. "I'm okay, really! Don't worry, Dragonair."

"MMMMH! Ahaha, you and Myla DO play around a bit!" Dragonair cooed at that clenching feeling, carrying a prey into her body...the slight "resistance" Ronan gave very much making her feel better about taking him in despite his injury. "It does feel wonderful to have you resist a bit. Oh, but you shouldn't struggle so much,'re still hurt after all."  Slowly she tilted her head back and started to swallow Ronan, his legs disappearing down her pink-red tube of muscles that made up her throat. Ronan's body, slicked down by a protective coating of her saliva, slid back easily into her, and his hands brush past her tonsils as her tongue helped guide him in. "Ready, my injured ingestee?"

Ronan closed his eyes, a small yelp escaping his lips as Dragonair swallowed him whole in one gentle ~Gulp. Ever since he was a child, going down scared him...if only a little. His decent did not  last very long, and soon Ronan felt himself slip through the ring leading to her stomach. He smiled lightly, relieved as he looked around at his  'changed scenery.' "Andrew was is so soft in here." He relax, laying back inside Dragonair's stomach. Above and around him he heard her heart beat strongly, surrounding him just as her squishy insides squeezed closer in a cozy sleeping bag embrace.

"Mmmhh...You feel lovely down there! But I heard that, little one...and, thank you, but...i heard you cry out, too...are you alright in there? I'm not too warm or wet or tight inside, i hope..." Dragonair's belly walls glistened a bit as light trickled down her esophagus whenever she spoke, light reflecting off of the slimy, slick surface.

Ronan laughed lovingly as he lay within her body. "You worry too much!" He rubbed his hand on his stomach floor, tracing the soft tissue and sighing again, relaxed.

"Ooooh," she sighed as his touch tingled inside her tummy. "I'm just t-trying to be careful, my little morsel. Mmmmhhh...cozy yet, Ronan? I can always help..." Her stomach shifted and squeezed a little, hugging him closer to her heart.

Ronan's  cheeks reddened a bit, hearing her heart practically next to him as he go silent, and just keeps rubbing the floor of her stomach.


For a long while neither of them said anything, as Dragonair just cradled her friend in her belly. Then, she broke the silence, saying " weren't scared of me s-swallowing you, were you?"

He fidgeted lightly, speaking in no more than a squeak.  "A-A bit..."

"Oh, dear...don't be afraid, my prey. I won't ever harm you, i promise. Besides, "she giggled again, so that he could hear her even as he lay inside, "how could i, when you've been so delightfully delicious of a dinner for me? I simply couldn't let you not be safe in my stomach...i must try this meal again some other time, after all! And i'd never frighten Myla, she's got enought to worry about simply in looking after you."

"Hey! I can't help it i'm accident-prone!" Ronan giggled, tensing up in her tummy, but he soon relaxed and sighed, a little sleepy from her amazing atmosphere inside.

"Hey Ronan? Thank you again...for not being too afraid, for filling me up so nicely.

"Why would I not?...I mean...I was hesitant at first but it's not that bad. Even though I am a prey in most cases, the thought of being eaten still scares me a bit. I mean... I know it's childish to have such a fear but it does..." He shook his head, squriming against her squishy stomach as he did. "But it's alright, i'm safe inside you, so i'm fine."

Dragonair nestled his swallowed body with her snout, nuzzling the bulge he made in her belly. "And you always will be fine with me, little one. I've got you."

"Hey Dragonair?"


"Being inside you is really, really nice...your belly is beautiful, and..." He started giggling inside her again."

"And what, my little morsel?"

"I should ask Myla if i can do this the next time i get hurt! You're a lot comfier than a cast, big girl."

"Mmmh, thank you, Ronan. I'll pass the idea along for you, but for now...sleep soundly, little one."
This one's a little different: instead of being a whole new idea, this story is based off of an RP i did with :iconronan641: a week or so ago when he broke his leg. They guy's like a little brother to me so i thought i'd do my best to cheer him up. But, the only way of doing that would be asking Dragonair if she'd drop by and visit him on my behalf...and, well, by now we all know where that leads, don't we?
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PGOSHoundoom Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Cuteness overload!
Novacom Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
lol of course!
PGOSHoundoom Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2014
I think I need a doctor....
My brain imploded.
Just a tad bit.
coopaer Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
Such a heartwarming story. :)
Novacom Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you so much! I love making my stories so personal and intimate. <3
coopaer Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
You do a really good job at it.
Novacom Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks ^^
kuronekoking Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Student Writer
this is so sensual, word are not enough
Novacom Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
...This isn't supposed to be sensual! I don't write porn. >_<
Kind and caring, maybe. But if you find this work sensual, you're taking it all wrong.
kuronekoking Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2013  Student Writer
sorry it was what my esxpeon (mystery) told me she got from it (yes i live with pokemon) i found it heart warmingly kind (even though for the un-life of me i can never register a pulse)and a sign of true care between two people (eerrrr.... species?)
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