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January 28


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"Ugh," I groaned, pressing against the plastic walls that surrounded me. "I have GOT to start locking my bedroom door when Emily's around." I panted and looked around, tired from my pounding on the cylinder's swerving walls. This was ridiculous--I was trapped inside a bottle of vitamins, behind the doors of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom at my own mansion! In my frustration and fear, I couldn't help but think back to the crazy way my morning had gone...


"Mail call!" I heard a voice holler from the hallway.

Grabbing my hat, I stood up and shut my laptop. I was done gaming anyways; I'd been playing an FPS and too many of my opponents had no idea how to take cover. Let's just say I'm good at headshots. I hurried down the hall to look into the foyer, where I saw Serperior slither in from outside.

"I had no idea you wanted to be a mailwoman, Serperior," I chuckled as I looked her over. She'd grabbed up all the mail, including a small packaging box, and weaved a little bundle of leaves and vines around them. With her armlike neck vines, she's placed the little parcel on her back like a backpack.

"Hm? Nooooo, A, I don't really want to be! I just noticed no one else had even checked to see if it'd arrived today." She hung her head a bit low, her eagerness giving away her thoughts."Ahhh, you ordered a new book didn't you?" I asked.

Serperior whimpered. "It's been 3 days since it was scheduled to arrive! It isn't fair, A...I just wanted something new to read." I slid down the bannister of the staircase, arriving next to my big green gorgeous Pokemon. "It's probably just a shipping mix-up, it'll get here soon. Though, if you really want to get in on the action, you probably could sign up to at least help down in the Crossroads mail center."

"Oh please," Serperior snorted with a sarcastic smile. "I'm much more a countess than a courier, wouldn't you say so?" She flicked the tip of her tail out and wiggled it under my chin, the slight, feathery tickling sensation so very familiar to me. "H-hey, I know what you're trying to do, and goading a complement out of me won't work!"

That...was a bold-faced lie. I'm a sucker for making my serpentine friends feel better, and any of the Pokemon I've grown up with for that matter. Serperior may be my newest member of the team, but she's just as special as the others.

"Oh well, maybe next time," Serperior giggled. "Oh, but got a package from a friend of yours." Serperior reached back with one vine, untangling the nest of letters stacked on her back, and carefully pulled the box out from them. I reached over, and after 'persuading' Serperior with a brief belly rub, I pulled it aside and ran back upstairs to my room. The box itself was rather weird; not too big, easily under a foot in length and width alike. It didn't look like cardboard, either; the packaging felt weird.

I opened up the box, my curiosity growing with every second. As I broke open the tape and packaging, a small note fell out--with Andrew's name on it!

In case you didn't know, I'm A--a former Pokemon Champion and lifelong friend to a bunch of fairy unique Pokemon. We all live in a mansion in the port city Crossroads, where friends and trainers from around the world stop by in between the different regions of the world. Andrew was one such friend, a Pokemon trainer and student still staying on the tournament scene. He and his companion, the graceful sky serpent Dragonair, led a team whose goal was to try and win the Pokemon League Challenge, and earn the title of Pokemon Master.

Anyways, the last time i'd heard from him he'd been thinking about studying abroad in the Kalos region, now that its travel ban was lifted. His Dragonair had flown there over the summer to get a feel for the people and places, and ultimately the atmosphere. Well, apparently the atmosphere was perfect because I hadn't heard from my friend since!

The note looked hastily written, as if Andrew had put it together in a rush of excitement. It had a brief message:

Kalos is incredible. So many new people and Pokemon, Dragonair and I are having a blast. Sent you a souvenir, take VERY good care of it! See you someday soon.

Andrew and Dragonair

P.S. You need both halves, and a pure connection. You two should do fine. ^^

I was elated. A gift from a brand new region, something i'd never seen before? Though the last line of Andrew's note didn't make much sense to me, I looked deeper into the box anyways. There was a soft, black velvet lined jewelry case nestled in the bottom of the box.

"Well then, what do we have here," I muttered as I opened up the case, only to find another mystery. There wasn't even any jewelry in it! "Aw, what..." I grumbled at the lack of anything that stood out in the box. All I could find inside ere two marble-like objects, one set in what looked like a wristband and the other sitting by itself.

It took me awhile to get that these little marbles were what Andrew had sent, not some kind of weird prank. I couldn't understand his reasoning behind them. The little orbs were pretty, yes, but I didn't see anything too special about either of them. But then, I looked closer at the designs inside. You know how glass marbles nowadays have an inkblot-like pattern, like waves or the clouds of Jupiter swirling around inside the marble? Well, while the colors were different between the two, both of them had a symbol on the inside that looked like a double helix.

Wait a second... I KNEW I'd seen that symbol before, but I couldn't remember where. So, I did what any young adult with a computer would do: I took a picture of the little spheres and searched for a match online.

The result made my jaw drop and almost hit the floor.

"Mega...stones?" I stammered. "The pieces that power Mega Evolution in Pokemon???" I was shocked; how in Arceus' name did Andrew acquire this thing? And why would he send it to me of all people?

These stones are something like a famous rumor or myth, a fad I'd heard a bunch of trainers talk about over the last few months. These stones were meant to be extremely rare, strange materials that reacted towards the bond between certain Pokemon and their trainers. I knew it was possible to accomplish, after I'd seen a televised Pokemon Battle that revealed the existence of a Mega body for the fiery dragon, Charizard. Serperior's boyfriend, another Charizard, had literally gone bug-eyed when he saw it, and he immediately begged his trainer Maria to take him to the Kalos region so he could give the transformation a try! actually HAVE one of these things? Insane, a one-in-a-million opportunity. My head was spinning with thoughts, since I didn't know much about the process. When can I start using it? I wondered. How does it function, why does it work, who will it work on, where can I find any more info on these mysterious stones? What--

"What have you got there, A?" I heard a sly female voice pipe up behind me.

I gulped loudly, trying to hide my prize as I slowly turned around. Emily, the daughter of Gardevoir and Mewtwo, was leaning on my bed behind me, looking over my shoulders to read the internet article about mega stones. Her timing was too perfect; she must've sensed something odd about my present from Andrew.

"Oh, ummm...nothing, it's nothing. Just a souvenir from some friends." I did my best to sound convincing, hoping to God she hadn't already used her telepathic or emotional prowess to read my mind. I was too late, of course...

Emily laughed and gave me a devilish smile. "I don't know, extra level of evolution sounds like something a little more interesting than nothing." Before I could do anything else, Emily reached out her hand. Her telekinesis roped the round stones from their box--she seized the Mega stones before I could do anything about it!

"Emily, It's really not smart to use those indoors!" I was sweating already. Emily's the offspring of two incredibly powerful Psychic type Pokemon--were she to mega-evolve, God knows what would happen! "Besides, we don't even know what kind of stone it is."

Emily laughed as she tossed the mega stone like a baseball. "Are you joking, A? I can feel what kind it is, just by holding it." She caught the stone, giddy and with a slightly crazy look in her eyes. Giddy is not a mood you EVER want to see Emily in. She does, well, weird things with her powers when she's in a hyped-up mood. "This is my stone," she declared.

"No no no, now wait a minute--" I was pretty much powerless to stop her at this point, praying for the best but fearing the worst. She laughed again and tossed the smaller stone towards me--I guess she knew it was the stone a trainer was supposed to use, I didn't at the time. I caught it as she laughed, closing her eyes and waiting for the transformation to occur.

But, nothing happened. Even as I held the smaller stone in my hand, I was bracing myself for some kind of huge explosion or shimmering light. Nothing happened at all!

"Wh-what. No, oh that doesn't even make sense." Emily was slowly filling with rage at her disappointment. "You touched the stone, I had the other one, that should've been enough!" Emily was fuming now, though she wasn't plain angry. There was a look of concern or disbelief on her face, too.

"Um, Emily?" I cleared my throat, hoping I could slowly take the other stone from her hand. "The mega stones say they work when you have the right Pokemon with their own stone...a-and when those two have a special kind of bond." In retrospect, that really wasn't the smartest thing to say.

"What are you saying, A?" Emily brooded. "Are you trying to--" Her eyes lit up with an intense passion, something I really wasn't looking forward to feeling aimed at me. "A, of all the stupid, idiotic reasons, you just don't have enough of a 'bond' with me?" Emily lifted me into the air with her telekinesis, fuming at facing the truth.

"Hey! P-put me down, don't kill the messenger!" I pleaded. "You know I care about all of you a lot, Emily! I just, you're the daughter of one of my original team, you haven't been here with me as long as, um, some of the others. It's not that I don't li--"

"OTHERS?!?" Emily was now more irritated than angry, having to accept the fact. I think she might've guessed it from the beginning, though, and had been in denial this whole time. Simply put, as much as I love my friends, Emily and I don't have the strongest personal connection. The 'trying to screw with me using psychic powers' angle of our relationship was probably why, and she knew it. But she couldn't blame herself; she is a teenage girl, after all, and Pokemon or not they tend to get a little moody.

So while I didn't know exactly what was coming next, I really could've guessed.

"That's that, then," Emily said with a sour look on her face. "You only think the power of mega-evolution will work with my mother--with "your" Gardevoir. Well fine," she huffed. I was still uncomfortably levitating in my room, but the new gleam in Emily's eyes had me even more uncomfortable. "Yes, if that's what you want so badly, I think I can arrange something like that."

"Now wait, Emily, I didn't say--" I didn't have to say anything, or rather, I didn't really get a chance to! With one gesture, Emily outstretched her arms and a brilliant periwinkle pulse of energy shot from her hand, striking me dead center in my chest!

"Ah!" I yelled, but as I yelled I felt my voice get weaker and smaller. Smaller? Oh great, Emily's back to using THIS again. Good ol' shrinking beam. I sighed, not quite used to this particular power of hers but definitely familiar with it. As I fell shrunken through the air, Emily caught me in the palm of her hand. There are few things more inherently terrifying than see seeing her "scheming" face when you're only a few inches tall.

"Yes...thinking back, you've never had this particular experience with her, have you?" Emily said with a wicked look in her eyes. "Oh, then this is going to be awfully fun. For me, at least."

Experience? "Emily, wh-what are you plotting?" I said with a growing dread.

"Oh you'll see, soon enough you will," she laughed, then skipped with me stuck in her grip towards the bathroom. The last thing I could remember was feeling her hypnosis power forcing me unconscious, completely at her mercy.


That's how i'd ended up inside my cylindrical prison, a bottle of vitamins that Gardevoir took every morning! I kept pounding the round walls, stuck with vitamin pills almost as big as me filling in the space around me like a weird ball pit. Don't panic, I thought, Gardevoir will see you, or feel your presence soon. You'll be out of here in no time.

Something was rubbing against the walls of the bottle and my shorts in a really uncomfortable way, and I couldn't figure out what. I felt around in my pocket and gasped; it was the Mega stones! Emily must've shrunken them with me when she hit me with that beam. I'd forgotten about them completely in all the craziness, just trying to figure out how to get out of my current situation.

But how did I end up with both of them?It must've been Emily, she shrunk the other stone and stuck it in here with me. But, why? Emily's a notorious prankster at my manor, but this one had me stumped. What was the purpose of putting me here?

You've never had this particular experience with her.

Oh boy. I figured it out! That familiar sinking feeling settled into my gut, as I pieced together what Emily had meant. It was that last phrase, her wording that had filled me in. I used those words a few days ago, when I was describing a special experience many of my sweet serpentine friends and I shared.

As a way of snuggling close, of feeling intimate and filling a need for my friends, I let my dear Arbok, Seviper and Serperior swallow me whole sometimes. Now before you panic, don't fret; it's totally safe and actually really, really sweet of them. It's...hard to explain, like i'd been trying to with one of my friends just a few days ago. Inside of their bellies, I'm totally surrounded in warmth and comfort and a rhythmic, reliable beating of their hearts. I satisfy their instincts to capture and keep prey, while finding peace and intimacy in my predator's tummies. The only downside to this symbiosis is that sometimes my friends get a bit carried away, actually preying on me when I least expect it and hanging onto me even if i'm not really willing to spend a whole day stuck inside their stomachs.

Now, those three are the only ones of my Pokemon who can through normal means go through the process of swallowing me whole. But a few years back, Emily discovered some of the stranger things she can do with her powers. Namely, that special energy beam that shrunk me earlier. So thanks to that, a few more of my Pokemon had taken the opportunity to capture me and gulp me down. One of the only ones who never had was my sweet friend and one of my oldest companions, Gardevoir.

Of course to my knowledge she'd never even wanted to; she was well aware of my predator/prey relationship with my other friends, but never had any desire of her own to do that! So now I had figured out what Emily was trying to pull--setting up that situation!

No sooner had I put the pieces together when the cabinet door swung open. A light green hand reached into the cabinet and grasped the bottle. It was Gardevoir!

"Yes, I remembered!" I heard her call to someone outside of the bathroom. "Hmm, It's peculiar that you'd even care, dear. I appreciate it though." Gardevoir hummed to herself as she twisted the cap off of the bottle, not even looking down to see me!

Gardevoir was talking to herself in the mirror, absentmindedly. She wiped a few crumbs from her lip, remnants from her breakfast I guess, then pulled a little glass from the cabinet at well. She started filling it with water from the sink, muttering to herself.

"She's actually looking out for me, wanting to make sure I stay healthy." She had an adorable little smile, the kind and gentle one she got when thinking about being a mother. I'd seen it plenty of times before. "Emily's not turning out too bad after all, A." She chuckled then shut off the water from the faucet, her glass now full.

"NO!" I started hollering. "She's not looking after you, she's pulling a prank on me!" Panicked, I pounded against the plastic, trying to get Gardevoir's attention. This didn't make any sense! I've been shrunken to this size before, sure, but my friends could always hear me just fine. Besides, absent-minded wasn't Gardevoir's usual mindset. Why couldn't she just sense I was right there?

Then it hit me! Before dropping me in here, Emily must have used her powers to 'silence' me; basically, I was surrounded in a barrier that prevented Gardevoir from feeling my presence or my voice. Emily usually uses that power on herself, when she wants privacy or secrecy! But on me? Well, unless Gardevoir looked right down at me, I'd never be noticed.

Just then, a dark shadow fell over the top of the vitamin bottle. A gentle green hand reached in and plucked up the first pill it could find--except that 'vitamin' was ME!

"Let me go! Gardevoir, look at what you're doing!" This was crazy! Had Emily really become strong enough to fool her own mother with this kind of an illusion?

I looked straight ahead, as Gardevoir held me level to her head. She pulled her hand in closer, just by chance turning away from the mirror as she opened her mouth wide!

"Wahhh!" I'd never even looked into Gardevoir's mouth before, it just felt too weird. Gardevoir's always been like a motherly force with me, not just because she was raising her own child. Even before that she was a source of wisdom and advice and comfort for me--but not like this!

Completely astounded, I ducked as Gardevoir lowered me under her lip and inside her mouth! Her tongue flicked around me as she let go, catching me in a slimy wet grip as she closed her mouth. It was dark and crowded in the cave of her maw, her teeth thankfully not interested in chewing the vitamin pill. Of course, if she didn't plan on chewing...

I tried to brace myself against her tongue but I only slipped, sliding on her little bumpy buds. I was already sticky and wet with her saliva, hoping that somehow the flailing I was doing would get her attention! Running out of ideas, I reached up to the roof of her mouth and tried tickling her palate, the rough grooves of tissue in the archway of her mouth.

"Ahhh, a-ahh?" I heard her voice echo up from her throat and fill the air around me. She felt something, yes! I saw her jaws open and light trickled into her mouth, filling me with a sense of relief. Yes! Take THAT, Emily--next time try pranking someone else, I silently thought.

Then in one swift move my smugness disappeared. Outside her lips I saw Gardevoir lifting the glass of water!

I really couldn't do anything else. I gulped nervously, then sighed. "Well, fun."

With that, a small tidal wave of water washed into Gardevoir's mouth as she swished around enough to help swallow her 'vitamin.' I was caught in the wave, instantly swirled around in the whirlpool of water that started funneling down her throat. The room around me tilted, her whole maw tipping back as her tongue gently pushed me backwards, into her esophagus!


Gardevoir had swallowed me whole! I struggled as her squishy tube of muscles sucked me downwards with the maelstrom of water, making her already slick esophageal walls even more slippery. With each swallow I felt the strange contrast of cool water and the hot tissues of her insides. The water around me pulsed and trembled just like me as I passed her powerful heart, its beat bringing me down, down, down into the depths of my dear old friend. I felt my sock touch against a slippery, curved tissue, a tight opening that squeezed around my whole torso as I kicked at empty air. With one final swallow, Gardevoir gulped me down with a wet, sloppy Squish! into her stomach.

I sat there inside her belly, catching my breath and gasping from my waterlogged descent. Really, there wasn't even that much water in her swallow, it just felt like a lot to me. Her stomach walls had already soaked up most of the water, leaving only a slippery puddle of water and her stomach juices pooled at my feet. I was soaked head to toe though from the waves, washed clean of the dusty chalk from the vitamins but now dealing with a different sensation: the sticky, slimy feeling of her stomach walls squeezing around me

"Gardevoiiiir!" I yelled in vain, knowing it wouldn't get through to her. It's going to sound odd to say this, but the fear hadn't totally set in. I mean, I had a reason to be afraid; my friends Arbok, Seviper and Serperior all have their own methods of releasing me from their tummies to keep me from being harmed. But Gardevoir had no experience in this sort of thing--her body was just expecting to get a vitamin to digest. If I wasn't careful, this could end REALLY badly!

Yet despite my dangerous, bizarre circumstances, I couldn't help but feel amazed first and foremost. Gardevoir's stomach was different than any other insides i'd ever seen before, which believe me, I've seen a few. The walls seemed thinner than the other squishy, plush pouches of tissue i'd been tucked inside before. I reached over and felt the walls of her belly, feeling them tremble and move at a slow, steady pace. It felt kind of like how your chest does when it rises and falls with a breath, but instead of just moving up and down, Gardevoir's belly weaved around me in a wavy hug. At one moment it felt as cozy and close as Arbok's belly, in another it felt more like the cavernous cavity of Mewtwo's stomach (yes, even he's gotten a chance to swallow me, but that's a different story!)

Her stomach tissues were a bright color, think like a watermelon's pinkish interior. In fact, the dips and grooves of her belly's wiggly walls had little spots where they all converged, almost looking dark like a watermelon's seeds. I rubbed a slimy hand against the soft wall, sighing as I looked up at the closed ring of muscle--the trapdoor to her tummy.

"Well, I can honestly say that it feels really nice in here," I said aloud. "I just wish it wasn't going to be the last thing I see." I was stumped, trapped and had almost given up and resigned to my fate, trapped within one of my oldest Pokemon friends. But as I flopped down on the floor of her stomach depressed, something felt off. Specifically, it was a little, uncomfortable feeling poking out of my pockets.

The Mega Stones!

I dug into my pockets and pulled out the pair. Despite being a little wet and sticky (like most of me), they didn't look any worse for wear. I looked at the little orbs carefully, then closed my eyes, prayerfully. This was a crazy, desperate plan, but it just might work.

I let go of the larger stone, dropping it onto the squishy floor of Gardevoir's stomach, as I clung to the smaller stone.

Instantly the pinkish chamber was filled with a bright light! I heard a strange sound echo around me, filling the atmosphere of Gardevoir's insides. Both my little stone and the Gardevoirite were reacting, a resonating pulse that felt like a heartbeat. The walls of Gardevoir's stomach trembled; soon her whole body was shaking too!

"Wh-what's happening to me???" I heard a frightened voice say. "I c-can't be--EVOLVING???"

There was a bright white flash and I heard Gardevoir do something very uncharacteristic of her: she yelled her "call," something normally only a wild Gardevoir would do.

I closed my eyes from the bright lights, gripping the Mega stone with all my might. When I felt the shaking stop, I opened them again--and was awestruck.

Gardevoir's whole stomach had changed color! Her tissues were like a pure white, soft and almost fluffy looking, like a cloud's. I felt the air buzzing with a feeling like static electricity, everything inside of Gardevoir felt different. If only I could've seen the outside!

I pressed against Gardevoir's stomach to listen to her. "What on Earth just happened? Oh my..." I felt her whole body move in a brisk jog. She must've been going back to the mirror to check. "M-my, my whole body! I've changed! I'm...ohhhh, what is this?" She didn't sound afraid anymore, more like excited and curious. "What is this, this power I feel radiating inside of me? There's something else within me?"

Suddenly I felt a force press against the walls of her tummy from the outside. I think it was both of her hands! "No, but there's more than that. There's something warm in there, something--!"


Her voice was full of shock and embarrassment. Meekly I pressed my hand into the grooves of her squishy belly. "Yeah, h-hey Gardevoir. This" I didn't really know what to say.


Gardevoir sat down on the edge of her bed, still in shock and clutching her stomach. "What are you doing i-inside of me? How is this even possible...N-no, Emily said you'd gone to town, and that's why I hadn't seen--" She stopped herself, and by luck we both said at the same time:


"Yeah, that pretty much sums it up," I laughed, relieved that my friend could feel me again. More than that, I was just fascinated with the glowing, gooey walls of my Gardevoir's insides. This was incredible--but I wanted to see what she really looked like outside, too.

"I don't understand, what's happened to my body, A?"

"Well, I don't really know all the details, but.." I told her about everything that'd happened so far, from getting the stones to getting swallowed. I couldn't help but blush as I told my story, because Gardevoir kept pressing into her belly and rubbing my back and shoulders in a squishy internal massage.

"So, what do you think of this new form, huh?"

"Oh, i-it's incredible," Gardevoir started. "I haven't felt my powers grow like this since, well, since I evolved into a Gardevoir all those years ago. But oh, it doesn't exactly feel like it'll last..."

I was snapped back into reality by her saying that. "Right, about that! Um, Emily's got that power on me still, so maybe it'd be best if you let me out before it runs out?"

"R-right, i'm sorry, i'm sorry! Again, I won't let this go by so casually, A. Don't worry, her father and I will have a loooong talk with Emily soon enough." I sat on the moving, wet surface of her stomach, waiting for her to teleport me outside of her tummy. But to my surprise, nothing happened after a whole minute of waiting. "Um, Gardevoir? What are you thinking"

I was surprised by how tender her voice sounded. "A, do I explain this, to someone who's never been a mother? It's...well, I destroyed Emily's barrier over you, so I should feel you just fine even out of this "mega" form. But...I've not felt anything like this in such a long time. Wh-when a Pokemon egg is created, you know that some species actually incubate it a bit i-inside of their bodies, right?"

Actually, I didn't know that. "No, I thought Pokemon just managed to lay eggs. I didn't think it was anything like, y'know, pregnancy."

"Well, in some species, those that are closest to mammals a-and humans, it''s kind of like that. I haven't felt this sense of protection and warmth inside my body since I held Emily's egg here once, long ago. S-so...A?"

I think I already knew what she was going to ask, and I closed my eyes and rested against her stomach walls, tracing the folds of tissue with my finger. "Yes, Gardevoir?"

"Can I keep you in there with me, please, just a little longer?"

I smiled, feeling safe at last within Gardevoir's stomach. I shrugged, making sure she could feel it by rubbing against her tummy. "It's alright with me, dear. I know now that you can keep me safe, too."

As I sat back and relaxed, looking at the little stones that had caused all this trouble, I wondered if Andrew had known all along if something like this would happen. "Well, these things are certainly going to be interesting to have around the house, wouldn't you say, Gardevoir?"

But instead of answering, I heard a sound that made me smile so wide as I felt the walls around me fall back.

Gardevoir was cooing, clutching her belly lovingly as she laid back on her bed.
IT'S DOOOOOONE! *Pants loudly.*

Whew! I'm once again super ashamed that for the second year in a row, :iconlivinlovindude: is getting his present a week late! School's just gotten back into full swing so it's been hard. ;A;

But hey! I'm so glad to write for A again, he's the first friend I ever had on deviantArt and one of my favorite artists ever on here. I love coming up with scenarios for his characters, they're so much fun to work with!

This story was a fun little combination of wanting to put together two unique situations in A's universe. First, how would he respond/react to having a Mega Stone/getting to mega evolve a Pokemon? The second was weirder but still fun; I love taking the less focused on characters of A's stories and making them stars of these little vorish misadventures. Gardevoir's one of the only ones of his team that hasn't nommed him before, so I came up with a situation where she'd do so accidentally/unwillingly!

Lastly, I know a lot of soft-vore lovers who compare the intimacy and closeness of a vore scenario to something maternal, like a mother holding an unborn child. The comparison was too rich for me to ignore, with Gardevoir constantly being the motherly figure in A's universe (even though she is pretty mischievous, just look at her relationship with Mewtwo!)

I hope you all enjoy this story, as long as it was I really did enjoy writing it!

All Pokemon belong to Nintendo, Game Freak and the Pokemon Company, but in this story Gardevoir, Emily, Mewtwo, and the others all 'belong' as characters to :iconlivinlovindude:.
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I...I'm awestruck. The way your fantastic writing skills are expressed really reached into me and flicked a switch to say "Wow, I love this!", and I can tell you know that isn't just a thought, in my mind you have done an incredible job with this, making a story up from scratch and implementing the characters' emotions and attitudes well to how they are described in comics and full-length panels. This might sound cliche, but I don't think what people call quality matters in this, because the effort loaded into every word makes this story great. Keep up the brilliant work! :D
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