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Somebody's DOING it, people. Somebody's actually gonna attempt this crazy trip.
"I don't really understand why you're being so secretive," she hummed, following close behind me. We marched in a silly little parade, a young man being tailed so closely by a 14-foot long dragon Pokémon, through the fallen leaves of the woods east of Cherrygrove City. It was November, and already the chill of an oncoming Winter had arrived. I dug my hands deeper into the pockets of my jacket, grinning as I turned to reply to my inquisitive friend.

"When have I ever led you wrong, Dragonair?" I chuckled, noticing for the first time that afternoon that my breath had become visible in the crisp air. "Unless I pulled something like this--Andrew uses Ice Beam!" I exhaled a strong gust from my lungs, watching the whispy vapor billow towards Dragonair's muzzle before dissipating.

"Oof! That's not something to joke about, mister." Dragonair pouted, smacking her tail against the ground with a thwap. "I might get a cold if I stay out in this weather too long, and we wouldn't want that to transpire." She leaned forward towards me, her whole body seemingly stretching out to emphasize her next point: "If I did catch a cold, someone would be forced to make a large amount of soup to help me recover. And I doubt you have the time to dote on me right now."

"You're just putting up a fuss because I know what we're doing out here and you don't," I teased. "Why not just relax and enjoy the trip?"

"Because of that, that word you just used. 'Trip!' I feel like i'm tripping over every rough pebble or jagged stick beneath me. It's too cold for me to start flying now, and I can't say I've much a desire to keep slithering behind you."

"You're being such a baby, Dragonair! We both know you're making a big deal out of a little walk." It wasn't like her to be so reluctant to enjoy an excursion away from home. She'd look for any excuse to head out, since i'd been busy with my school studies. She longed to return to adventuring, and I didn't blame her.

"And besides, those scales on your underbelly are like little suits of armor, each of 'em. I know the ground can't bother you too much, since it's not hard or barren yet. Heck, you couldn't even truly trip if you tried--you don't have legs!"

Something about that last phrase really bothered her. Dragonair turned her head away, still following me but refusing to make eye contact.

"You're upset about what happened at the battle earlier, aren't you?"

Dragonair said nothing, but a loud sigh and the drooping of her head confirmed my question. Earlier in the day, a wandering trainer had challenged the two of us to a friendly Pokémon battle.  We were both surprised to see an exotic creature emerge from a thrown Pokéball, the poisonous sea dragon Dragalge from the Kalos region. Its defenses had allowed it to withstand all of Dragonair's attacks, from her blistering Extremespeed to her paralyzing Dragonbreath blasts. Its retorts, a nasty ball of gunk called Sludge Bomb and a stunning beam called Dragon Pulse took poor Dragonair out of commission. Fortunately, little Cyndaquil knew the move Dig, a highly evasive Ground-type technique that overcame our opponent in the end.

But apparently losing still left an opportunity for taunts, and the opposing trainer mocked Dragonair for not being fully evolved. He'd called her half-formed, stringy and susceptible, compared to the brawny and majestic Dragonite she could some day become.

"He's not wrong, you know," I finally said, breaking the silence of the walk.

"Hmmm?" Dragonair murmured.

"I imagine your defenses would improve if you did evolve."

I winced at her expression, her face melting into a wounded pout.

"But i'm not interested in your statistics, you big blue baby."

"Excuse me!" Dragonair stopped, rigidly staring me down. I, on the other hand, just grinned. "There, I knew that'd get you out of your funk."

"I-I don't understand what you're referring to. I'm not listening to music, and I wouldn't say i'm "in a funk," so I assume your word choice was just in error."

"Hey, don't get all upset..." I went back to her, wrapping an arm around her neck and petting the soft scales beneath her chin. "I'm just trying to get you to realize what's important here. Some lame-brained trainer makes one comment and you get all upset? That's not like you."

"Ooooh, it's the principle of the issue, Andrew," Dragonair groaned. "I, once again, wasn't strong enough to defeat an adversary. What if I were to fail like that in a real fight?"

"Please, stop feeling guilty!" I kind of had to drag her along now, coaxing her to keep her head up. "Without your work Cyndaquil wouldn't have stood a chance against that Dragalge. You set it up for him to finish; that's how these things work sometimes. Heck, that's how life works. We help each other out, and pick up slack when it appears. There's no shame in getting some help."

"But I bet I wouldn't have had to receive help in protecting you, were I to--to change." Dragonair stammered on that last word; evolved was a term she didn't use very often as she felt quite developed in her state as a Dragonair. Acknowledging it made her irritable sometimes...which explained her current mood. "I've never even seen one of that kind, of the so-called evolution of my sort. I'm...I know nothing about it, other than the fundamental change in my body. I'm comfortable the way I am now, how can I be expected to jump into being something else?"

"You keep saying that like I truly DO expect you to change. But Dragonair, you know, I...I'm safe with you the way you are. You've demonstrated that with me PLENTY of times. Yes," I added with a knowing smile, "inside and out, you're willing to give your all to keep me safe. So stop worrying!"

"Well...alright. But please do me one favor, to put my mind at ease?"

"Yeah, sure. What is it?" I replied.

"Tell me what in Arceus' name are we doing out here right now?"

"Pffftt, alright you've got me." I shook my head, wondering if perhaps this whole pity-party had been constructed to lead to my reveal. "Well, you know those cabins outside of New Bark Town, right on the edge of these woods?"

"The OPPOSITE edge, and near a trail if I remember correctly." Dragonair was back to pouting. "Why did we have to take the long way around? But anyways, yes, I know of them."

"Well, a friend of mine is planning on staying nearby for a little bit. And, I thought you'd like to meet her." I sighed, hoping that'd be enough to sate her curiosity. Dragonair had an appetite for facts...among other things.

"Hm, meeting new friends is always appreciated. I just hope I don't have to battle them. Wouldn't that be a fun surprise..."

I knew what the surprise itself would be, so I had to fight my urge to bust her out of her depression by revealing it early. "Well, if you're all that tired, I can carry you in your Pokéball the last leg of the trip if you'd like."

"Hmph, we've come this far. I see no point in conceding now." I noticed Dragonair held her head a little higher as she said that. Ah, progress.


We finally emerged from the woods, walking out into the fields between the scattered cabins. Many of them were still vacant, but would probably be filled up by travelers once Thanksgiving Week hit Johto. Remembering the number assigned to my visitor, I walked the last few yards over to my destination as Dragonair daintily took flight, following a few mere feet behind me and above the ground. Her ears were perked up, probing the sky as if some sound had caught her attention.

"You can pretend you're a divining rod all you'd like, Dragonair. Pointing around like that won't answer your questions."

"Oh? It's just...I felt something." Dragonair certainly looked puzzled, yet the glint inside her emerald eyes was more than confusion--it was excitement.

"So, is your friend already inside the cabin?" Dragonair asked.

"," I smirked. "She's just about to arrive."

With that, I did a silly hand signal straight up in the air. You'd have thought I was calling down lighting like Thor if you'd seen what happened next. All around the fields, a loud roar echoed. Dragonair's eyes lit up in wonder and surprise as down from the sky swooped a lean, orange-peach colored powerhouse--a Dragonite. Its eyes wide and round snout snorting gusts of steam on every breath, it took one look at Dragonair before clapping its hands together and humming excitedly.

"Alright, don't get too worked up, you big lug," I heard a cool voice say. The mellow tone came from a average-height female figure, who'd been mounted on a sleek, thin saddle on the Dragonite's back. She dismounted her dragon Pokémon, unbundling a long brown scarf she'd worn tight around her face. The aviator's helmet she wore allowed for a short ponytail of dark black hair to dangle out the back. As she turned towards me, her analytical gaze caught my excited one, as my green eyes broke the barriers of her brown ones and forced a smile to appear below them.

"Well, you said they'd appreciate the dramatic entrance, and you weren't kidding, Andrew."

I shrugged, smiling back at the visitor. "Eh, cultural immersion tends to work a few wonders, Sam. Even on Pokémon I thought the principle would apply, and lo and behold, it did."

"Experiment successful, then?" Her voice was smooth and collected, a confident sort of charm exuding from it. "Because if not, you owe me for this whole trip."

"Well, let's see." I rolled my eyes, silently praying I wouldn't actually have to pay up. Fortunately my peripheral vision was confirming my plan had worked. "Dragonair, oh, Dragonair?" I snapped in the air a few times, trying to pry my dear friend's attention away from Sam's Dragonite. Both Pokémon seemed wholly absorbed in each other, looking their bodies up and down, passing a few curious sniffs and head-nods between them.

"Oy, lizards," Sam interjected. "If you two are done ogling each other..."

"H-huh?" Dragonair stuttered, still flabbergasted at the sudden arrival. "Oh, right, um, I mean...hello, i'm Dragonair, miss, a-and I apologize for my rudeness at not, well, erm..." It was clear Dragonair was absent from her own introduction, her mind and heart fixated on the other of her kind before her.

I had to bail her out before she blushed any harder! "Dragonair, this is Sam Biggs. Sam, Dragonair. I think you two should remember hearing about each other, though to my knowledge you've never formally met."

Sam held a gloved hand out from the pockets of her earth-colored jacket, extending it towards Dragonair. "You've made an impact on this weirdo (she motioned with her other hand towards me, earning a scoff from my direction), so you're good in my book. Nice to meet you."

"O-oh, the pleasure's all mine!" Dragonair reached around with her tail, tossing its baubles into Sam's open palm for as close to a handshake as she could muster. "I've heard about you before, yes. Quite the globetrotter from what Andrew's told me; Kalos, Sinnoh, Orre..."

Sam opened up with a slightly larger grin, giving Dragonair's tail a firm shake. "Yeah, I've done my fair share of trotting, flying, trudging, and some other adverbs too." Sam tossed Dragonair's tail back towards her body, then stepped back over to her Dragonite. "And Lucien here's been through all of it." The Dragonite seemed to purr at the mention of its name, rolling its shoulders and flexing a wing around Sam as she stroked its side.  

"Lucien, hm? That's a pretty striking name," I chirped up, trying to keep conversation going as a way to stop Dragonair from returning to her dumbfounded state.

"Y-yes, very powerful, unique but intriguing!" Dragonair was clearly smitten with this new design.

Sam laughed, batting away Lucien's wing. "Hear that, big guy? You're full of intrigue and mystery now. Goof off, you probably don't even know what those words mean." Lucien nodded happily, his barking a sort of insistence that he in fact did. "Oh, that reminds me--no nickname for your Pokémon, Andrew?"

"Oh! Well, we kinda had a weird circumstance growing up, and by the time Dragonair was "mine" she was pretty much more capable than I was. We just stuck with her species name."

"Indeed, it was a pretty unique one down in Cherrygrove," Dragonair added, her calm returning. "Not many people their had ever seen a dragon. S-speaking of which--"

"Ah, I'd wondered when you'd ask," Sam said while unfastening a saddlebag from Lucien's back. "You want to tell her, Andrew, or should I?"

"I guess I'll take it," I shrugged. "Dragonair, Sam's on a bit of a road trip right now, heading west on a sort of 'throwback tour' across Johto."

"Lucien and I first made our way around here when I was a kid," Sam chimed in. "It just felt like a fun thing to do again, since today's my birthday."

"Oh, it is? A-andrew, why didn't you tell me? We could've prepared something for her, back at the house! We--"

"--Don't have to," I interrupted, proudly. "I'm way ahead of you, dear. See, I knew Sam was making this trip this week, and asked her to swing by earlier this afternoon. I agreed to front a cabin for her overnight, and it's already stocked with some seasonal stuff: s'mores ingredients, cocoa, apples, some sweet corn..."

"You HAVE planned this out!" Dragonair exclaimed. "And under my nose, too. I'm ashamed I didn't catch on."

"That's 'cuz you weren't supposed to, Dragonair," Sam replied. "You see, Andrew told me about your little fight earlier today. He said you needed some encouragement, and I mentioned my mode of transportation here--" she patted Lucien on the back, then continued--"a few minutes later. He thought it'd be good to meet one of your own kind, and I agreed. It's good for him, too."

Dragonair's jaw hung open a little, her head glancing back and forth between the three of us. Before she could stammer on again, Lucien fluttered up into the air, a leap that landed him right next to Dragonair. Excitedly, he pressed his stubbed hands against her smooth scales, poking around her long, serpent-like body with a childlike curiosity. "H-hey, what's the meaning of this?" Dragonair at least attempted to sound upset but was already succumbing to the ticklish feeling of the Dragonite's inspection. Within seconds both dragons were giggling, if you can call the sounds a mighty creature like that makes a giggle. Her blue and white coils laced around his thick legs and arms, he took to the skies with the proud, strong beating of wings while she gracefully swirled up after him. One couldn't tell they were just meeting; the dance of their instinctual movements made them look like lifelong friends.

I shuffled over to Sam, offering to help her bring her luggage inside. Instead she just propped it up against the cabin porch, looking up at the dancing dragon Pokémon in their flight. "Weird, isn't it? But wonderful," I asked, hoping to pick her brain.

"Yeah," Sam chuckled. "Lucien's acting like a big puppy, and I haven't seen this level of playfulness in him in years. I mean don't get me wrong," she said with hint of pride, "he's a monster on the battlefield. But Lucien's always been tender, just like his species usually show. This, however, is just silly. I expected him to react more like he'd seen a ghost when he saw Dragonair, remembering his own past.'s like he's known her forever."

"I'm just as amazed," I agreed. "Dragonair's never met one of her kind, not in the evolved state or in her previous form as a Dratini. They're simply not common down here, away from the mountains. She's been acting all upset about her remaining a Dragonair, but without even seeing the other side herself." I reached down to grab her luggage once again, and this time she consented, rolling her eyes at my faux-chivalry. "Hey, it's the least I can do to say thanks for all this."

"The guy who paid for a cabin since he knows I like having my space, a HUGE last-minute concession on his part, is the one looking to say thanks? Sam shook her head, sighing. "I'm not sure i'll ever get you, but don't think for a second that I don't appreciate it."

"Pretty sure there was a double negative in there somewhere," I chided.

"Shut up, it's my birthday. Cut me some slack." Sam grunted, lifting the other piece of luggage and stepping indoors. "Let's leave them to their fun, you owe me cocoa and s'mores ASAP."

"Aye aye, ye of the anniversary of existence!"


I spent the next few hours near a hearth, slowly warming up to my surroundings as Andrew toasted near half a bag of marshmallows. The two of us had more than snacks to talk about though, and well into the evening shared stories of our adventures. Well, I had more of the adventuring under my belt. Andrew just liked talking about his studies at home. But after a lull in conversation, he noticed a couple of absences indoors.

"Alright, where do you suppose our Pokémon are?" he said, stretching as he stood up. "They ran in here for s'mores a little while ago, but it's quite inside the cabin."

I shrugged, content to just stay here for awhile longer. "Lucien's fine on his own; I let him wander every once in awhile when we visit new places. Besides," I paused, savoring the last few drops of cocoa left in my mug, "the layout of this forest is totally different since he saw it last. I'm betting he's just exploring, perhaps using Dragonair as a tour guide."

Andrew wandered away from the fireplace, closing up the marshmallow bag and taking it with him. "I just think it's surprising. Dragonair turning down treats at any time is sort of rare."

"You said she was being moody earlier," I pointed out, gesturing with my mug. "She's already showed off one weird trait today, why shouldn't another show up?"

"True," Andrew sighed, pacing a little. "She's probably just enamored with Lucien. I mean, just with being around him. I really appreciate you two stopping by."

"Eh, it's not a problem," I said, slowly standing up. Dang, I was already giving into the lulling, dim firelight. "I'm just glad we have a place to crash. It's starting to get nippy outside."

"You can stay as you'd like," Andrew said excitedly. "No really, it's no worry for me. I know the owner of this property, and he'd likely let you stay here for your full tour of Johto."

"Aha, looking to cut a bargain rate at keeping me out here?" I taunted.

Andrew groaned and rolled his eyes. "I'm not trying to be cheap! Geez..."

"Hey, I know, just teasing. Really, I'm thankful to have my own space. Well, mine to share with Lucien." I had begun to wonder where the big lug had run off to. Andrew's own curiosity was rubbing off on me.

"I think i'm gonna go look for them," Andrew said, walking towards the cabin door. "At least I know with Dragonair I can avoid getting called 'cheap.'"

"Oh, cry me a river," I shot back, smiling so he'd catch my joke. His own grin confirmed my gist had been picked up. "Stay out of trouble, Sam," Andrew said as he slipped on his jacket then ran out into the dark night.

I looked down at my empty mug, thinking about my plans for the week. Perhaps...maybe I can adjust them to spend just a little more time down here?

Almost absentmindedly I wandered back into the cabin's kitchen area, going to fill up another round of warm cocoa. "Some spiced wine would've been nice," I mumbled as the chocolaty brown liquid trickled out of the carafe. "Too bad Andrew's underage."

"Oh, but cocoa's just so much more creamy and smooth than any wine," a female voice suddenly chimed in."

"Oh Sh--" I swore more out of surprise than anger, nearly dropping my half-filled mug as I spun around. The speaker wasn't a woman as I'd instinctively assumed, or at least, not in the traditional sense. Dragonair had let herself in, her long blue body filling most of the kitchen as she looked down at me.

"O-oh!" Dragonair's tail perked up in equal surprise, seeming a bit embarrassed for sneaking upon me. "I'm terribly sorry, I didn't know you didn't know I was in here!"

In here? "Geez, that startled me. No, I didn't realize." A little on edge, I set the mug down then turned to talk to Dragonair. "I must have not been paying much attention when I walked in here."

"You did seem a bit preoccupied in thought," Dragonair agreed,"though apparently it was just about spiced wine. Sorry we didn't think of that, I didn't even know you were coming over though." Dragonair tapped her tail against the door frame, the same way an anxious student would shake or kick against the leg of a desk.

"So, what are you doing in here?" I asked, leaning against the countertop. "Lucien didn't come in, so did you ditch him or something?"

Dragonair looked flustered, blushing in a way that speckled her cheeks with purple. "I wasn't trying to be rude, I just...I had to stay inside for a little while. To wait."

"Well, what were you waiting for?" I inquired, getting more interested in this dragon's strange attitude.

"W-well--" Dragonair made a noise very akin to clearing her throat, then blinked a few times, then got very rigid. I wondered what she was up to. "I had to wait to talk to you, miss Samantha."

"--just Sam," I interjected, raising an eyebrow. "What's gotten into you, huh?"

"O-oh forgive my stammering," Dragonair exhaled, releasing some of the nervous tension she'd straightened up into. "I should know by now, I don't have to be so reserved about this!" Dragonair slowly moved closer, almost gliding across the floor, never taking her eyes off me. The whole scene was starting to get uncomfortable.

"I've just had the most wonderful evening, learning so many things from dear Lucien, and in my own native tongue, no less, and it's just--oh, it's exactly what I needed." Dragonair's smile had returned, and in fact it was slowly getting wider. I could start to see the concave reflection of my own brown eyes in her large green ones. In fact the whole room was starting to feel very...close.

"So I need now to say thank you, in my favorite and most wholly unique way. And, I happen to know from my talks with Andrew that it's one you'd appreciate."

"Dragonair, I hate to cut you off but, where are you going with this?" I raised a hand as if to halt her, but suddenly felt her strong blue tail twist around it, far more confidently and firmly than she had in our earlier handshake.

"Oh, but miss Sam, It's not where I'm going; it's where you're going," she giggled cheerfully.

I was suddenly very aware of my situation. It had taken many shapes and sizes over the years, many forms--from playful to powerful, gentle to forceful, intimate to intimidating. And the shape it was currently taking was a 14 foot long dragoness's gentle but fervent gaze as her lower half wrapped around my legs.

"What on EARTH are you doing?" I yelped, even though THAT much of the puzzle i'd put together on my own. "Are you insane?"

"N-not at all!" Dragonair replied cheerily. "I'm just so grateful and pleased, you don't have to pretend this is a bother. I know you've had experiences like this with your friends, Tyre and Neros and Mordecai and--well you know, I don't have to repeat them all!"

Ugh, if Mordi saw me now. Heck, if ANY of them saw me, I doubt they'd even stop this craziness. More like pull up a chair and watch. Ner would probably make friggin' popcorn.

I wanted to kick myself for not seeing this sooner. I wanted to shake Dragonair out of the daze she seemed to be in. MOST of all though I wanted to avoid the eventual direction we were heading! "Dragonair I am NOT joking, open up your hold on me RIGHT now--"

"Open up?" she said, acting so naive and innocent it was gagworthy. "Well, my pleasure." With that, I watched in a bit of amazement but more concern and dread as Dragonair closed her eyes and opened her jaws wide!

"Ahhhh~" She murmured happily.

"AHHH!" I yelled angrily.

Her mouth was QUITE large, a warm pink mass lined by rows of teeth that stood up like sprinkles around the edge of a cake. The sight could've been picaresque if it weren't so surreal, seeing inside this Pokémon I'd barely even met. Air warmer than even the steam rising from my neglected cocoa mug filled the room around me, and I squirmed and shook in her coiled grip to avoid its lulling heat. " SO...not ok..." I panted out, feeling a bit constricted by Dragonair's tail.

"Hm? What did you say?" Dragonair giggled again, a bizarre sound to hear echo up from the open mouth in front of me. I swear I don't remember Lucien ever giggling as a Dragonair, so where did this bubbly girl get her laugh from?

"Are you just anxious for me to continue? I can keep breathing out around you, or I could go ahead..." I tried glaring at her, but I guess I came off more as bewildered than anything else. "Oh, of course, you had a long flight to get here and the temperature's dropped already. Warming you up should be my top priority. Well, in you go!"

I couldn't STAND how cheerful she was about the whole thing. Andrew's Dragonair was aiming to eat me alive! "Don't you even think abou--MMMPPHH!!!" I was amazed at how fast Dragonair moved, totally, cluelessly missing my protests. I felt an admittedly nice pressure roll along my spine as her tail and lower sections pulsated up my back, pressing my body up the only way it could go--straight in between her open jaws.

I was inside her maw! The wet, warm tissues around me dampened my shirt (thank God I'd taken off my jacket earlier, this process would've ruined it for the rest of my trip) as she slid me into her mouth. It was a far smaller space than the insides i'd seen regularly, as many of my more pretatorialy-inclined acquaintances tend to be several times my size before attempting this. I'm not a claustrophobic person but the confined capture Dragonair held me in was starting to get to me.

"Let--me--out!" I flailed helplessly as my shoulders were pushed in. I tried my hardest to bop her nose with a swift, intentional fist as she slurped more of me up, but I wasn't fast enough; instead my wrist thudded into her tongue. Oh yeah, that thing was tucked in here with me, too. It was so odd feeling a warm mass of muscle below my chest and hands, and utterly humiliating to hear how much Dragonair was enjoying this 'taste-test.' Each protest of mine was met with another coo, or laugh, and more than a generous amount of licks. The shower i'd been planning on taking had just warranted itself necessary, thanks to a misguidedly affectionate dragon.

Running out of options, I turned to the one I expected not to work at all: freaking out.

"ANDREW GET YOUR CRAZY PET OFF OF ME!" I hollered at the top of my lungs. Or, it felt like that, but so much of my sound was echoing back on me thanks to the curves of Dragonair's mouth and throat acting like acoustic padding.

Yet even THAT seemed to do little, being drowned out moments later by a loud "MMMMHHHH!" from Dragonair! Her whole throat was unfolding below me, and I watched with one eye winked shut due to the dripping, sticky saliva clinging to my hair. How had my night taken such a turn for the bizarre?

"My oh my, Sam," Dragonair cheered as she lapped all the way down to my waist. "You're like nothing I've ever tried before! How is it people each possess a unique flavor? Not all things in this world do that...mmmhhhh, I suppose that's why i'll never get tired of this part of my instinct. Being a protective, grateful predator...does Lucien ever do this, even with his body being so different than mine? I wonder if that part of himself still remains from his past to today."

I was trapped inside the mouth of a soul-searching dragon Pokémon. EASILY in the top 10 weirdest starts to a vacation i've ever had.

"All I'll say is that if you don't let me out this instant he'll rush you so hard later it'll--" My threat dissipated in the loud rumble of something deeper within her body, a quivering, bubbling sound that left a sinking feeling in my stomach.

"Aha, looks like I need to make more room in there for your legs, Sam. So I hope you don't mind..."

"No, no no I very MUCH mind!" I clambered as Dragonair's mouth tipped my waist higher and higher up. How high is the clearance on this cabin's roof? Maybe I can free myself if I can touch the ceiling! I thought, desperate for any way out of this crazed Dragonair's dinner plans. But gravity was betraying me, and I cringed as Dragonair's throat swelled open--a dark, wet tunnel funneling down within her, and tumbling me headfirst into it!

"Stop, for the love of--just, stop!" I growled, helplessly mashing my shoulders against the walls of her esophagus. There was no way out of her grasp, it was too strong! The tight, slippery tube was closing carefully around me, meshing against my skin, my jeans, my whole upper half!

"I never should've even come to this stupid town again!"

Everything stopped. It was like I'd frozen time, except I could still feel the thrum-thrum pulse of Dragonair's heartbeat from every inch of the tissues around me. I wasn't moving anymore though, at least from what I could tell.

"What...wh-what did you say?" All the confidence and determination was melting from Dragonair's voice; heck, I was mostly INSIDE her and it barely sounded like a whisper. "You mean, you don' this?"

"Sam, what's wr--oh, for the love of--"

THAT was Andrew, finally back from his fruitless outdoors search for Dragonair. He sounded incredulous more than mad, not that I could tell all to well since most of my auditory perception was being funneled down through a few feet of Dragonair innards.

"You have gotta be--why on Earth did--for God's sakes, Dragonair, you KNOW better than this, why would you DO this?" I thought I heard the sound of Andrew smacking himself on the forehead, though that might've been my brain trying to make light of my present plight.

"I-it was an accident!" Dragonair stuttered, my feet still hanging out from between her lips.  

"You--CANNOT--"accidentally" swallow someone whole, Dragonair!" Andrew groaned. "Let her out, just let her out!"

All the sudden Dragonair's throat shifted around me, but the change wasn't a reversal as I'd expected. No, I was being squeezed in the slimy, warm space--but downwards once more!

"HEY!" I struggled inside her gullet, pushing with what little force I could muster. But it was too late; the process had already begun.

It was so different, being squeezed down her throat, than any other experience like this I'd had before. It was not as constricting or powerful as, say, the impulse of a gulp I might get caught in within my friend's throats, such as Mordi or Ner. It didn't feel human, crushing and overly proportionate to my own anatomy. The ride was smooth, soft, surrounding but in an overall gentle glide down inside her.

If the warm allure of the fireplace had tempted me to relax before, it barely held a candle to this new feeling. I still heard voices from outside of the walls that wrapped around me, seeming to warp space with their flexibility. Yet those voices barely registered within me, like the walk into the kitchen had been absent-minded. One voice was loud, ashamed, rebuking, the other defensive, fearful, upset. I wondered if Dragonair were worried about me, though I couldn't imagine why. It was her body; she knew where I was going.

And as for that arrival, it happened soon enough. I saw a ring of muscle ease with the rhythm of her system, opening like some space-age porthole into a light pink chamber. After one or two more squeezes I was free up to my shoulders, and I wriggled both arms out from her drippy, slippery slide. I steadied my torso, crawling out and kicking my feet against the pull of peristalsis, before finally being fully released into a most interesting place.

Dragonair's belly was tight, close-up, but still plush and soft and gave beneath my weight. I rolled over onto my back, taking in the sights. The chamber within her seemed nowhere near as dark as I'd feared; maybe my eyes had adjusted, I don't know. But the contours of her coiled body were noticeable, beyond the squishy pinkish-orangish folds that formed around me.

"Well, that's just great," I heard a muffled voice say from outside this peculiar place. "You not only went ahead swallowing her, but now she's not saying anything. Sam ALWAYS speaks her mind; if she's silent, she's probably pissed!"

"Please," a second voice quivered. "I didn't mean to! I-I must've...I got caught up...I never even realized I was really, truly upsetting her! I-I thought it was an act...and when I realized, she was too far down my throat. I couldn't simply turn her around, it doesn't work like that, you know that Andrew!" I swore I heard sobbing, and suddenly the room around me heaved as Dragonair's pulse quickened.

"Well don't tell me that," Andrew groaned, "Talk to your guest." I saw a solid shape press in above me, vaguely resembling a handprint. "Sam, I'm speechless. I'm so sorry for this, If i'd known what she would do I would have gone home hours ago. Are you ok? I'm really, really sorry."


The words left my lips before I knew i'd said them. It was my voice, though, so I remembered what I'd considered as I overheard their reasoning.

"Come again?" Andrew asked.

"Why are you sorry? You didn't do anything, genius." I felt a little better, taunting Andrew from a vantage point he certainly couldn't fight."

"W-well, she's my responsibility as--"

"Like hell, Andrew. Dragonair's got a brain of her own, I'll handle this." Yes, I was enjoying the moment a bit more now. I milked the pause, the dead air, imagining how baffled Andrew must've looked from my words. If only I could get a picture of that face, post it online...Liv would get a kick out of it. Maybe I could use it as a base. "How to respond to a snarky house guest."

"But you--I mean, you're--and--" Andrew's motorboat stammering was almost at a faster rate than poor Dragonair's racing heart. "Auughh, forget it. I'll never understand women. Get this settled soon, I need to know whether or not I need to change my name and banish myself in exile to repent for being the worst host ever."

"Trust me, you've got competition in that award," I called out to him. "You've never met Holmes." I chuckled, imagining how THAT conversation would go. As soon as I was confident that I couldn't hear footsteps, I shoved Dragonair as hard as I could in the roof of her stomach.

"Ooof!" I heard her yelp. "I-I deserved that..."

"Yeah, THAT was for swallowing me, you lunatic," I growled, wedging my knuckles deep into the warm folds above me. But then, I slowly rolled them, rotating my wrist and kneading the tender tissue above me. "And for what you meant to do."

"What?" Dragonair asked, her voice starting to lose its wounded edge. Of course, the next sound out was more of a cooing at my internal massaging. "I don't understaaaaaaannnnd," Dragonair hummed as I messed around with her stomach wall a bit more. "What's with th-this...niiiiice...treatment?"

I smirked, knowing my touch was doing its job. "You were a little oblivious, you know," I eased up on her upper sides, instead flopping back onto her belly floor. "When somebody says "cut it out," they're not always playing along with your predatory nature."

"I know, i'm just really bad a-at reading the intentions of others!" Dragonair's whole body was beginning to ease up, and her heart rate lessened. "Case in point, Sam. I'm so, so sorry. Good lord, what am I thinking? I need to call you up, h-hold on--" I felt her belly heave below me, the rings of her diaphragm expanding to elevate me forward, up and out.

"Hold on a second," I braced myself against the soft, trembling walls. "Dragonair, I'm not done talking yet. You really gave me a heart attack with this whole stunt, but...I understand why you did it."

"You do?" Dragonair asked again.

"It's in my line of work, you could say," I crooned sarcastically. "Getting to know you big, monstrous types inside and out. You're not half as aggressive as the dorks who go after me at home."

"Dorks?" Dragonair said the word as if she were spitting out a sour lemon. "Your friends at home?"

"Most of them are ten times worse when it comes to these feeding frenzies, Dragonair. And half the time they do it just to tease me. You...wanted to say thank you. Which, by the way," I poked her ceiling again for good measure, "this is a terrible way to do it without someone's consent." I felt her heave a sigh a I laughed, rolling my eyes at the irony of lecturing the creature that'd just captured me inside her own body.

"Lesson learned, I promise. I won't let it happen again."

" could let it happen a little while longer." I admitted.

There was silence once again, just her heart rate picking up a bit more. "Sam, you don't want to get out?"

"Are you kidding me?" I laughed, squishing around the stretchy, encroaching walls. "You're freaking cozy in here. No wonder Andrew enjoys doing this so much." I poked up and down the sides of her belly a bit more, watching her whole inside sway under each press. "I'm not going to pass up this opportunity, not when it was an honest attempt at being hospitable."

"R-really?" Dragonair sounded just about as confused as I imagine any normal observer would. Though, hey, normal never really fit my life, anyways.

"Yes, really. And besides, you owe me your body heat as an apology." I couldn't get enough of the sleeping-bag factor of being inside Dragonair's belly. It felt like a waterbed and a memory foam mattress had a baby, then gave the baby an electric blanket as a birthday gift.

Birthday. "Oh right," I mumbled. "That's today."

"What, your birthday?" Dragonair replied. "I'm still disappointed I couldn't get you anything."

"Make it up to me next time," I muttered, feeling overwhelmed by the comfort within this weird, wonderful hold. "I'm not passing this up whenever I come visit again."

Dragonair's insides were flushed, a bright red color only increasing the cozy heat I felt inside her. "I promise."

So that's how I spent the night of my birthday, buried in the blanket of a Dragonair's belly, giving her advice on when and when not to use those predatory instincts of hers. We even planned out a sneak attack on Andrew for Dragonair to follow through on once i'd left. Eventually Lucien stumbled into the kitchen, returning to the cabin to head off to bed.

Dragonair explained the situation to him, which led to him waking me up with his hearty, roaring laughter. But it wasn't long before I was drifting off again, wondering if Lucien would ever be interested in trying something like this.

After all, I owed Andrew payback: he gave me two places to stay on my trip.
The Adventurer's Visit (Happy B-day MythrilMog!)

Long story, fun story, vore-y story. YAY!

This is a birthday gift for the awesomely talented :iconmythrilmog: or :iconrisky:. Her artwork consistently puts a smile on my face, no matter what genre she tackles. It's some darn good stuff. Check it out! And while you're at it, say happy birthday to her!

Andrew and Dragonair are my characters, whereas the rest belong to her. No stealing!
Hey guys, Novacom here. I have some housekeeping to do, in regards to this page. Idk if i'll even do it all tonight, but I need to let you guys know about it--and put something important to me out there.

It's a special sort of feeling I get when somebody takes my work and favorites it. It's rewarding, maybe not as much as when comments or critiques come up, but it lets me know they at least enjoyed it. Well, in case you guys didn't know, I can actually see what sort of favorite you make when you fave a piece. For example, if you add a story I write or a picture in my gallery tied to my stories into a specific kind of favorites folder, I'll see it.

That being said, I just saw that someone had fave'd a piece in my gallery that i'm quite fond of under the folder "Fetish Art."

Guys, I believe honesty is the best policy. I've always been up front about what I care about, what's important to me, and I won't stop that anytime soon. me a favor, and be honest--

If you watch me, comment on my work, favorite my work, OR any combination of the aforementioned, for the sake of sexual pleasure, please do both of us a favor and UNWATCH ME.

I'm dead serious about this. My sole purpose for maintaining this page's content as is is tied to my belief that one can enjoy the imagination without exploiting it, perverting it. My work is NOT for your fetishes, your "happy time," your fantasy in that sense. If you use it that way and happen to respect me as a person, please cease using it that way at all. Of course if you don't respect me in that way, hey, you're probably not even reading this journal now are you?
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Call me liar, call me hater, Call me Ishmael, call you later!
Call me any name you want because I probably deserve it.
I’m a fool, I’m a dandy and I hardly come in handy
But I’d rather be in scrutiny than hiding like a hermit
‘cuz I see my problems, and I don’t mean to object
But we all have problems, and while we’re on the subject—

Hypocritically speaking we’re all put to shame,
We waste our time pointing and placing the blame.
But if you try to hide from the truth that’s inside,
Hypocritically speaking, we’re one and the same.

Call me sinner, call me saint, call me everything I ain’t,
Since I’m lik-el-y to qualify in somebody’s perception
See, I know ‘bout my failings yet I’m slowly ascertaining
that the way to win the day is through some divine intervention.
I resolve to progress, despite our common weakness,
So call me out, and I’ll reply in meekness—

Hypocritically speaking we’re all put to shame,
We waste our time pointing and placing the blame.
But if you try to hide from the truth that’s inside,
Hypocritically speaking, we’re one and the same.

Why do we waste time with these
Threats of inconsistencies
Words whipped up like leaves on the wind
We stutter, mutter, begin again,
Change our minds to fit our sin…

Hypocritically speaking, I propose a plan,
We tear down our put-downs and build up again
We fill up inside with the truth that’s alive,
Nobody’s perfect, we could all use a hand, ‘cuz

Hypocritically speaking, I’ve free of MY shame
I’m willing to listen and sort through the blame.
But if you will deny the Way, Truth and Life,
Hypocritically speaking, maybe we're not the same.
Hypocritically Speaking
Did you guys know I write poetry? I do. xD

Or rather, in this case, I write songs that I try to pass off as poetry when my Poetry professor says "submit any piece of yours on Tuesday, anything you've written yourself!" And I think, "hm, go back and look through embarrassing backlogs of poetry or pull the "music is poetry" card..."

So this poem/song/whatever focuses on an idea I had back in Junior year of high school. Basically, it's how I was tired of people--Christian or non-Christian--getting all hung up on our common misspoken statements, inconsistent thoughts, and the general hypocrisy of humankind. It's not that I don't value the meanings of words, not at all! I know how important our speech is, and how we can use what we say and what we do. I also know how we TEND to use the gifts of free will and communication, which IN GENERAL is selfishly. It's our sinful nature, it's just...gonna happen.

And THAT'S my point, that too many people cite someone as stigmatized because "oh they're a hypocrite!" or "oh they screwed (x) up, they went back on (y) this one time." Some people I know will immediately shun you in those regards, elevating themselves and their own opinions by means of "discrediting" others by highlighting their faults, of which hypocrisy reigns chiefly among them.

But, isn't that NORMAL? Making mistakes, changing our opinions over time, being inconsistent. We stumble; and if anyone lacks the grace to help someone else along after they stumble, how can or should they expect the same when they're in a tight spot?

Idk, maybe I'm looking at everything all wrong. But for the most part i've purged the word "hypocrite" from my insult-lexicon over the last few years, just because I know I'm a flawed human being too. Why not target the problem instead of the person? And to that, I look to my problem solver, my Overcome-er: Jesus. Because where I stumble, He stood. Where I mess up, He made good.

...Huh, that kind of rhymes. Maybe I should go back and write something else!

I don't usually do these, and I don't like their delegated name as "memes" because repeated doesn't mean memetic. HOWEVER, I've invested more hours playing Smash 4 than I have spent doing pretty much anything else in the last few weeks, so here we go!
Tagged by: :iconrandomsteveman:

Name of your OC: Annelimo (the Light Warrior), using any 1 of my characters who bear that title.

B Standard: Spirit Blade--sword strike that has a longer range and deals higher damage the longer B is held down.

Side B: Peace Rush-- Dashes forward with a slight downward trajectory when in midair, does minimal damage but stuns opponents.

Up B: Light Arc--
mighty leap up and diagonal forward, again little damage but releases a sword beam in a horizontal vector away from the jump.

Down B:
Faith Shield--Blocking move that has various effects depending on damage percentage. At higher points (>120%) functions as a reflector, and in the first few frames as a counter/repulsor.

Final Smash: Angel's Cradle--Creating wings made of light on his back, the Annelimo leaps into the air then swings his sword back and forth in a sweeping, parabolic pattern, finishing in a downward strike. This move wouldn't require direct contact with an enemy to initiate, so it wouldn't have too high of a damage output unless you were caught in its apex.

Downsides/Weaknesses: I think he'd play similarly to Marth or Ike, relying on quick sprints and strong side attacks over speedy combos. His air game would be tricky since he's got an unorthodox recovery, and his weight could drag him down fast. However the technical nature of his movepool would work well, and it'd be darn flashy with the light streaming off his armor.

For those of you wondering who the Annelimo is, well--it's a LONG story. But it's MY story, my most cherished one, the novel series i intend to publish someday. So, you'll find out sooner or later!
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Hey guys, Novacom here. I have some housekeeping to do, in regards to this page. Idk if i'll even do it all tonight, but I need to let you guys know about it--and put something important to me out there.

It's a special sort of feeling I get when somebody takes my work and favorites it. It's rewarding, maybe not as much as when comments or critiques come up, but it lets me know they at least enjoyed it. Well, in case you guys didn't know, I can actually see what sort of favorite you make when you fave a piece. For example, if you add a story I write or a picture in my gallery tied to my stories into a specific kind of favorites folder, I'll see it.

That being said, I just saw that someone had fave'd a piece in my gallery that i'm quite fond of under the folder "Fetish Art."

Guys, I believe honesty is the best policy. I've always been up front about what I care about, what's important to me, and I won't stop that anytime soon. me a favor, and be honest--

If you watch me, comment on my work, favorite my work, OR any combination of the aforementioned, for the sake of sexual pleasure, please do both of us a favor and UNWATCH ME.

I'm dead serious about this. My sole purpose for maintaining this page's content as is is tied to my belief that one can enjoy the imagination without exploiting it, perverting it. My work is NOT for your fetishes, your "happy time," your fantasy in that sense. If you use it that way and happen to respect me as a person, please cease using it that way at all. Of course if you don't respect me in that way, hey, you're probably not even reading this journal now are you?
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Novacom's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello! My real name's Andrew, and I'm from Illinois in the United States. I'm an actor, singer, writer and gamer. I love all of those things, but there are two loves that go above them: my girlfriend and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'll leave it to you guys to figure out which one of THOSE two comes first. :D

I wanna address something though, for newcomers and people who know me in real life too. I am in fact a fan of Vore, which is (in most cases but NOT mine) a fetish involving being consumed alive by another living being, for their satisfaction. But i'm trying to challenge that thinking with the story of my own life. This is how i put it:

"I'm a Christian. Up until a few months ago, when i realized these feelings i'd had my whole life meant that i was a voraphile, i believed it was impossible for a Christian to have a fetish. And in a sense, it is: vore doesn't turn me on. It fills me with this incredible feeling, a satisfaction at the contentedness of the predator and the warmth surrounding the prey. This is a connection unlike any other, a symbiosis based off of trust and love, and the desire for pred and prey to do something incredibly kind for each other.

To take the prey inside, hold them in the closest and warmest embrace in existence, a peaceful and soft and warm and squishy resting place ever-warmed by the beautiful beatings of the predator's heart. Prey gain this safety and security and tender care within their predator, and the one who took them in gains the satisfaction of keeping a life safe inside them, holding them close and keeping them safe and sound. And both thrive in the trust and caring wrought by the experience, and often times a contented rest...the predator pleased with their loving snack tucked away within, and the prey being rocked to sleep by a beloved belly and a metronome heartbeat. That's what vore is to me, love and safety and security."

So i hope you'll all look at Vore as something more than a gross quirk, and try to see the beauty of it. I still do; I see it as an innocent and loving bond of trust, despite being imagination. The feelings behind it ARE real, and the friends i've made from it are what matters.


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