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Hey guys, Andrew here. Just...gotta spit something out, to clear my head.

I'm getting disillusioned as to what my whole purpose here on dA is. I keep encountering these situations I can't shake, and i'm forced into the reality that there are really, truly, very few people who see the things I write (my MAIN topic, if you follow me) in the same light I do.

Some of them i've considered good friends for quite some time, but it hits me over and over how we disagree on certain staples of my themes and fields of imagination that I can't reconcile.

I know i'm partially to blame, because I don't write here very often. I write these pathetic journals about how I "will have more content up soon herp derp" but I can't bring myself to continue writing on some days. It's more than just the inherent risk of coming onto this website while i'm at home; I get here, and I don't like what I see.

As an admin of a couple different pages, usually revolving around the theme of vore, i've seen some really awesome artwork over the past few years. And Y'know what else i've seen?

Smut. A LOT of it. A sickening amount. Sometimes from sources that surprise me, and not the good kind of surprise.

I'm tired of it. I feel like every time I post a story, the views and likes and comments are superficial. It disturbs me to know that somewhere out there someone's imagined my Dragonair and I for their own purposes. And so I start to consider why i'm even on deviantArt.

I'm not saying i'm closing up shop, or even that i'm gonna go on hiatus. I just...need you all to know, this place has worn me down a bit.

When my stress-reliever, my way of expressing my imagination and making like-minded/hearted friends, becomes a place of disgust or temptation or fear or timidity, I wonder if it's time to throw in the towel.
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United States
Hello! My real name's Andrew, and I'm from Illinois in the United States. I'm an actor, singer, writer and gamer. I love all of those things, but there are two loves that go above them: my girlfriend and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I'll leave it to you guys to figure out which one of THOSE two comes first. :D

I wanna address something though, for newcomers and people who know me in real life too. I am in fact a fan of Vore, which is (in most cases but NOT mine) a fetish involving being consumed alive by another living being, for their satisfaction. But i'm trying to challenge that thinking with the story of my own life. This is how i put it:

"I'm a Christian. Up until a few months ago, when i realized these feelings i'd had my whole life meant that i was a voraphile, i believed it was impossible for a Christian to have a fetish. And in a sense, it is: vore doesn't turn me on. It fills me with this incredible feeling, a satisfaction at the contentedness of the predator and the warmth surrounding the prey. This is a connection unlike any other, a symbiosis based off of trust and love, and the desire for pred and prey to do something incredibly kind for each other.

To take the prey inside, hold them in the closest and warmest embrace in existence, a peaceful and soft and warm and squishy resting place ever-warmed by the beautiful beatings of the predator's heart. Prey gain this safety and security and tender care within their predator, and the one who took them in gains the satisfaction of keeping a life safe inside them, holding them close and keeping them safe and sound. And both thrive in the trust and caring wrought by the experience, and often times a contented rest...the predator pleased with their loving snack tucked away within, and the prey being rocked to sleep by a beloved belly and a metronome heartbeat. That's what vore is to me, love and safety and security."

So i hope you'll all look at Vore as something more than a gross quirk, and try to see the beauty of it. I still do; I see it as an innocent and loving bond of trust, despite being imagination. The feelings behind it ARE real, and the friends i've made from it are what matters.


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heya! how are you man?
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inspiring! just... wow! i wish i was as good as you!

i'm lost for words... it is just... amazing beyond description!
Novacom Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awww well thanks but I really don't think I'm as good as you make me out to be!
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at least to me you are!
ImDovahkiinBiatches Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014  Student Writer
I just wanted to let you know that I am a big fan of your works. You were one of those who inspired me to take up writing myself, because your work is so good, that in a way, it's unique. I wish you good luck for the future, and thanks for inspiring me, Andrew! :3
Novacom Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Awwww, thanks! ^^ Don't really know what to say, other than I appreciate it and I hope you write on!
ImDovahkiinBiatches Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014  Student Writer
Hehe, you too! :3
kyvevandosy Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You got the right idea man.  I'm a Catholic.  Except vore actually turns me on...
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Hey, thanks for the favorite. Much appreciated <3

and also, i sent an invitation to join TEAMVORE and it didn't get accepted as of yet. Any idea why? (you appear to be an admin so i thought i'd ask you ^w^)
Novacom Featured By Owner May 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I am an admin, thanks for asking! Generally it's all about contributions. Due to the rules of TEAMVORE, i'm not allowed to let anyone be a Member unless they will contribute something to the group. Unfortunately it can take awhile to ascertain whether or not someone will be adding anything to the group as a whole if they are a member rather than just a watcher. I'll see what i can do to streamline the process for you, 'K?
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