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Hey guys, Novacom here. I have some housekeeping to do, in regards to this page. Idk if i'll even do it all tonight, but I need to let you guys know about it--and put something important to me out there.

It's a special sort of feeling I get when somebody takes my work and favorites it. It's rewarding, maybe not as much as when comments or critiques come up, but it lets me know they at least enjoyed it. Well, in case you guys didn't know, I can actually see what sort of favorite you make when you fave a piece. For example, if you add a story I write or a picture in my gallery tied to my stories into a specific kind of favorites folder, I'll see it.

That being said, I just saw that someone had fave'd a piece in my gallery that i'm quite fond of under the folder "Fetish Art."

Guys, I believe honesty is the best policy. I've always been up front about what I care about, what's important to me, and I won't stop that anytime soon. me a favor, and be honest--

If you watch me, comment on my work, favorite my work, OR any combination of the aforementioned, for the sake of sexual pleasure, please do both of us a favor and UNWATCH ME.

I'm dead serious about this. My sole purpose for maintaining this page's content as is is tied to my belief that one can enjoy the imagination without exploiting it, perverting it. My work is NOT for your fetishes, your "happy time," your fantasy in that sense. If you use it that way and happen to respect me as a person, please cease using it that way at all. Of course if you don't respect me in that way, hey, you're probably not even reading this journal now are you?
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Call me liar, call me hater, Call me Ishmael, call you later!
Call me any name you want because I probably deserve it.
I’m a fool, I’m a dandy and I hardly come in handy
But I’d rather be in scrutiny than hiding like a hermit
‘cuz I see my problems, and I don’t mean to object
But we all have problems, and while we’re on the subject—

Hypocritically speaking we’re all put to shame,
We waste our time pointing and placing the blame.
But if you try to hide from the truth that’s inside,
Hypocritically speaking, we’re one and the same.

Call me sinner, call me saint, call me everything I ain’t,
Since I’m lik-el-y to qualify in somebody’s perception
See, I know ‘bout my failings yet I’m slowly ascertaining
that the way to win the day is through some divine intervention.
I resolve to progress, despite our common weakness,
So call me out, and I’ll reply in meekness—

Hypocritically speaking we’re all put to shame,
We waste our time pointing and placing the blame.
But if you try to hide from the truth that’s inside,
Hypocritically speaking, we’re one and the same.

Why do we waste time with these
Threats of inconsistencies
Words whipped up like leaves on the wind
We stutter, mutter, begin again,
Change our minds to fit our sin…

Hypocritically speaking, I propose a plan,
We tear down our put-downs and build up again
We fill up inside with the truth that’s alive,
Nobody’s perfect, we could all use a hand, ‘cuz

Hypocritically speaking, I’ve free of MY shame
I’m willing to listen and sort through the blame.
But if you will deny the Way, Truth and Life,
Hypocritically speaking, maybe we're not the same.
Hypocritically Speaking
Did you guys know I write poetry? I do. xD

Or rather, in this case, I write songs that I try to pass off as poetry when my Poetry professor says "submit any piece of yours on Tuesday, anything you've written yourself!" And I think, "hm, go back and look through embarrassing backlogs of poetry or pull the "music is poetry" card..."

So this poem/song/whatever focuses on an idea I had back in Junior year of high school. Basically, it's how I was tired of people--Christian or non-Christian--getting all hung up on our common misspoken statements, inconsistent thoughts, and the general hypocrisy of humankind. It's not that I don't value the meanings of words, not at all! I know how important our speech is, and how we can use what we say and what we do. I also know how we TEND to use the gifts of free will and communication, which IN GENERAL is selfishly. It's our sinful nature, it's just...gonna happen.

And THAT'S my point, that too many people cite someone as stigmatized because "oh they're a hypocrite!" or "oh they screwed (x) up, they went back on (y) this one time." Some people I know will immediately shun you in those regards, elevating themselves and their own opinions by means of "discrediting" others by highlighting their faults, of which hypocrisy reigns chiefly among them.

But, isn't that NORMAL? Making mistakes, changing our opinions over time, being inconsistent. We stumble; and if anyone lacks the grace to help someone else along after they stumble, how can or should they expect the same when they're in a tight spot?

Idk, maybe I'm looking at everything all wrong. But for the most part i've purged the word "hypocrite" from my insult-lexicon over the last few years, just because I know I'm a flawed human being too. Why not target the problem instead of the person? And to that, I look to my problem solver, my Overcome-er: Jesus. Because where I stumble, He stood. Where I mess up, He made good.

...Huh, that kind of rhymes. Maybe I should go back and write something else!

I don't usually do these, and I don't like their delegated name as "memes" because repeated doesn't mean memetic. HOWEVER, I've invested more hours playing Smash 4 than I have spent doing pretty much anything else in the last few weeks, so here we go!
Tagged by: :iconrandomsteveman:

Name of your OC: Annelimo (the Light Warrior), using any 1 of my characters who bear that title.

B Standard: Spirit Blade--sword strike that has a longer range and deals higher damage the longer B is held down.

Side B: Peace Rush-- Dashes forward with a slight downward trajectory when in midair, does minimal damage but stuns opponents.

Up B: Light Arc--
mighty leap up and diagonal forward, again little damage but releases a sword beam in a horizontal vector away from the jump.

Down B:
Faith Shield--Blocking move that has various effects depending on damage percentage. At higher points (>120%) functions as a reflector, and in the first few frames as a counter/repulsor.

Final Smash: Angel's Cradle--Creating wings made of light on his back, the Annelimo leaps into the air then swings his sword back and forth in a sweeping, parabolic pattern, finishing in a downward strike. This move wouldn't require direct contact with an enemy to initiate, so it wouldn't have too high of a damage output unless you were caught in its apex.

Downsides/Weaknesses: I think he'd play similarly to Marth or Ike, relying on quick sprints and strong side attacks over speedy combos. His air game would be tricky since he's got an unorthodox recovery, and his weight could drag him down fast. However the technical nature of his movepool would work well, and it'd be darn flashy with the light streaming off his armor.

For those of you wondering who the Annelimo is, well--it's a LONG story. But it's MY story, my most cherished one, the novel series i intend to publish someday. So, you'll find out sooner or later!
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  • Reading: The Bluest Eye
"That's just about the last of them here in the front yard," I called out, brushing some of the crumbled pieces of leaves off of the sleeves of my hoodie. Autumn had apparently taken an early start on about half of the trees at my house, spreading a colorful, thin layer of leaves all over the lawn. Since there was still so much life left in the grass below, I decided it was a good idea to rake the stuff up.

Besides, little Cyndaquil could enjoy putting his flames to good use igniting something on purpose, for a change.

Nevertheless, I decided to invite a friend over to help me rake up the auburn mess of leaves. After all, everyone knows it's more fun to play in the leaf piles afterwards when you have someone else to take turns making cannonball jumps into the flaking foliage with you! But Dragonair was away for the afternoon, consoling some of the forest animals who weren't prepared for the half-and-half shift of the seasons. So naturally, I looked to my two-legged companions instead.

Which of course led me to calling Panda to come over.

"My side's pretty much done, too," she responded from about 20 feet away. It's easy for voices to carry when there's no one else around in the afternoon. Traffic's pretty light in Cherrygrove City, anyways, so it was easy to have our long distance chat.

"Excellent! Your timing's pretty great, 'sis,'" I cheerful acknowledged. "Though I'm pretty sure I got the bigger pile of the two. There were just more trees up front that dropped their leaves, from what I saw."

Panda frowned, her mild dissatisfaction coming from her own love of jumping into leaf piles...and from having the smaller of the two. As many of you know, she's got this wonderful penchant for shifting her own height to that of a gentle giantess, anywhere from a few meters to towering stories above my head. And though that may sound weird, you get used to having a size-shifting best friend pretty quickly! It makes travel a breeze, opens up so many fun opportunities for nature walks and helping out other people--plus it's just delightful to see her beam when she gets the chance to wrap up her loved ones in a massive, fully enveloping hug.

But at the moment, she was at her regular height--a good few inches shorter than me. It just wasn't convenient to use a human-sized rake at beyond a human size. I guess she'd hoped to make up for that by making a giant leaf pile, but there' just weren't enough leaves back there to achieve her goal.

"Aw, shoot. It's really no fun unless you can really stretch out and almost splash into the crunch of some leaves. At least there weren't too many sticks in the mix," she said with a hint of relief, "because those aren't worth the area benefit. They're pointy and stick out everywhere."

"Yeah, fortunately we haven't had any bad storms in awhile." I rested my rake, and subsequently my leaning shoulder, on the trunk of one of the smaller trees. "Makes the clean-up all the easier. But hey, enough chit-chat: let's make the most of my pile, right?"

Panda's content demeanor returned on the edge of a giddy grin. "Of course!"

"Well, ladies first, then?" I suggested.

Panda shrugged and stuffed her hands into the pockets of her jeans. "Ehhhh, not much a fan of gender stereotypes. You made it, sooooooo you go first."

Nodding in appreciation, I shuffled back a few feet beyond where she stood. I tapped my shoes along the way, testing the softness of the ground to see just the right angle I should jump in. I mean, as much fun as it is to just leap, I'm a pretty large guy; I've learned before that landing the wrong way with my mass can lead to some fun bruises and aches. The sod seemed just soft enough to land in without smearing mud across my jeans, so I lined up with the pile and sprinted forward, ready to hop just about where Panda stood.

"Geronimo!" I yelled with an excess of enthusiasm. I can't help it, i'm a sucker for hype. Unfortunately, this was a misplaced excitement.

A split second later, all i'd earned from three-quarter hours of raking was some grass stains!

"Huhhhh???" I grunted, then rolled my eyes at my circumstance. Remember how i'd mentioned the layer of leaves was thin across my yard? It was just enough to have me concerned that the lawn would start dying too soon, what with the lower temperatures of the high to mid 50's Farenheight. But the pile i'd made, no matter how grand it'd appeared to me a few minutes earlier, was all but hollow. there was nothing packing these leaves down, leading to a disappointing thud into the ground.

"Hey, what happened?" Panda said, stepping over and offering a hand to pull me up. "Not too big a pile in the long run?"

"Apparently," I sighed, laughing dryly at my oversight. "I should've thought of this before inviting you over, I'm sorry. No fun to be had in a messy but weak pile of leaves."

"Well we could just combine the two, you know," Panda suggested. But I wasn't thrilled of another 10 minutes of scooting leaves across the ground, inevitably losing some of the organized piles as we tried to move them.

"Nahh, there's no point." I sighed then started walking towards the shed in the backyard. "Let's just get the wheelbarrow, haul the leaves to the back and start a fire. I'm sure Cyndaquil's more than ready to, anyways."

"Now hold on a sec, mister," Panda chided. "You're making a big deal out a little thing--and trust me, i'm QUITE capable at understanding the perspective of such things."

Panda's allusion to her size-changing stopped me. Interested, I spun back around. "What do you have in mind? Growing big and running off to find some secret leaf cache deep in the woods?"

Panda giggled, bouncing up and down on her tiptoes. "That would work--or you can do things the easy way, which is what I was gonna suggest." Panda's cheeks were turning a little red, and I knew it wasn't from the afternoon Autumn air. "You know i'm flattered you'd give me that chance, but, I'm not the only one who can make my size change, remember?"

The gears in my head spun back into action, reminding me of my belt-clip Minimizer I kept in my closet. It'd been ages since i'd had a reason to use it, and I suppose i'd forgotten it was there!

"When I say 'perspective' it doesn't always mean turn huge, Andrew," Panda teased. "You should know that by now! Why not shrink yourself down, for a better effect?"

"You know, Panda, that would work really well." I smiled, grateful for her creative thinking. "I'll run inside and get it now!"

"You do that," Panda chirped as I jogged towards the front door. "I'll pad things down over here so you can have an easier time, alright?"

"Thanks again!" I called back, swinging open the screen door and the main door as I slid indoors.


"Alright, take two," I said, standing next to Panda once again. The search for the Minimizer had actually taken a few minutes, since i'd had to stack some boxes between my nifty device and the closet door. Panda showed me the new-and-improved leaf pile, which I could tell was buffed with a few handfuls worth of leaves from her own pile in the back. With that, I fiddled with the knobs of my Minimizer to set my size.

I suppose i've never explained how this thing works, have I? Certainly i've mentioned it before, but usually I end up shrinking in my stories due to forces outside of my control. Basically, the Minimizer is a personal device that kind of looks like the Pokémon Starmie, with a double layer of star-shapes in a three-dimensional pattern. It uses samples of these Pokémon's abundant stem cells to temporarily coat the user in a 'blanket' of cells, quickly adapting to user's DNA. It's pretty crazy science, and it's technically less-than-legal in and of itself. But the story of how I acquired this thing is...well, it's a tale for another time.

Anyways, I had adjusted the settings of the Minimizer to make me about 3 feet tall. The effect took place mere moments after initializing, bringing my body--clothes and all--to a childlike size.

"You look like a little first grader!" Panda chuckled, seeing me at my youthful size. "It's adorable, though a little surreal."

"Yeah, this really isn't the shape i'm most comfortable with," I admitted. "Besides, how many first-graders have a goatee?"

Panda chortled at that, and I took that opportunity to bound back into the leaf pile. Now THAT was more like it! I hit the multicolored foliage with a satisfying Crunch!

"Woohoo!" I exclaimed, spreading out wide to make leaf-angels in the pile. "Oh this worked SO well. Man, I love this! Who knew size-shifting was the key to implementing nostalgia?"

"I don't know, probably the same person who thinks they need nostalgia to enjoy jumping into leaves!" Panda shot back. "Scoot over, I want a turn!"

So I rolled over to make way for her, which was surprisingly easy to do. I didn't take up too much room in my childlike state, and it was just right for making the most of our meager pile.

After a few minutes of tossing leaves at each other, looking at the different patterns and colors, and smelling the strong scent of the trees they'd come from, I wanted a new challenge.

"Hey Panda," I said, sitting up. "I still wish we could get a little more out of this pile, but i'm not sure how well to do that. Shaking the trees to knock more leaves down would be counterproductive, you know?"

"Hmmm..." Panda hummed, thinking. "Well, instead of knocking the leaves off the go up to them!"

"Th-that doesn't make any sense--" I began, but she made her point quickly afterward.

"Think small again, Andrew! You said yourself you were more comfortable at your smaller, 6-inch size. So, use your Minimizer again and climb the tree, then jump off one of the branches onto the leaves!"

"Whoa whoa whoa, hold on now!" I stammered. "It's, I mean, It's a cool idea, but i'm not like, y'know, Ant Man or the Atom when I use these things--at least, not yet, anyways. I mean, yes there's a slight mass-to-size inverse ratio in my favor, but a fall like that would be like jumping off a building!" The theoretical physics of it all had me concerned--not that I wasn't already worried enough with my general fear of heights.

"Awwww come on Andrew, don't worry! You can glide down, using one of the firmer leaves. And hey, worse case scenario? I'll be here to catch you." Panda gave me a slight pout in her facial features, teasing me a bit more. "Surely you trust me, right?"

"Pfffttt what's gotten into you? Of course I do. I'm just...well, y'know, it's not something i've tested before."

"Well then, 'big brother,'" Panda smirked, "We can test it together."


Before I knew it, I was standing on the limb of a tree, shrunken down to a mere 6 inches tall! I'd found a sufficiently firm leaf from a maple tree bordering my yard and the neighbors, and Panda had handed it to me as I stood there, uncertain. "Wow, we're really doing this, huh?" I nervously commented.

"Don't be scared, Andrew," Panda reassured me. "This'll be fun! You were trying to make this leaf pile as exciting as possible, right?"

"Well, it is a little late for second-thoughts," I replied. "And you can't add much more to the excitement factor than this!" Gulping loudly, I clung tightly to my leaf and skipped off of the branch. "Carpe Diem!!!"

The laws of gravity worked for once in my favor! The little leaf hit almost no wind, fluttering barely as I fell. At first, I felt like I was a professional BASE jumper, brave and skilled and in total control of my descent.

But then, well, my whole day took an interesting turn.

Time slowed to a crawl as I scanned my surroundings, taking in the late afternoon sunlight and hearing the evening bugs begin their buzzing calls. I glanced downward, defying the adage of "don't look down" with some anticipation of my landing. Only, something was different. My view below was dominated by Panda, who was leaning against the tree with a sneaky smile on her face.

To my shock, I watched her open her mouth wide below me!

"Pan...da?" I blinked incredulously.

All at once the regular pace of the clock returned, and I plummeted towards my friend's face. Without my noticing, she'd changed her own size--into that all-too-familiar height near twelve feet. I knew that size with only a glance since i'd grown so comfortable with it...and within it. At the proportions we were--six inches to twelve feet--I was the perfect size for her to swallow whole!


I believe that's how my next sentence went. I glided purely on accident clear into Panda's soft lips, an interesting sort of landing and the opposite of what i'd been expecting. In a panic I dropped my leaf, clinging instead to her plush upper lip. THAT was a mistake. She wasted no time, flicking out her crimson tongue and lapping at my whole torso, before curling it around my body and retreating within her maw--WITH me!

"Ack!" I sputtered at the sudden change in venue. My hoodie was already sticky and wet with her saliva, save for weird dry patches where my sleeves or pockets would rub up against her teeth or gums. This was crazy! How'd I ended up in a game of cat-and-mouse with my predatory friend?

It all came rushing to me, just as surely as her spit pooled at my fingertips. Panda must've been planning this all along! That's why she wanted me to shrink down, instead of growing and going off to find some giant-sized natural playground deep in the forest. I'd stumbled into a scheme of hers to make me a snack!

"Th-this wasn't the plan! What's g-gotten into you?" I yelled out over her satisfied sighs and "Mmmmmmmhh"'s. She was obviously enjoying the outdoors-y flavor I offered from my tumble in the leaves. Desperate I pawed at her upper tongue, towards the more sensitive, larger taste buds. I was trying to edge her into opening her mouth up once more; If I kept my head on my shoulders, I could just maybe sneak out of her mouth--

It was in this exact moment that Panda decided to answer my previous question.

"What's gotten into me? Simple, Andrew," she said, licking at my whole body. "You!"

With that I felt the 'floor' of her tongue heave as her whole head tilted back! I was flat on my chest, stuck wriggling as my shoes poked against the soft flesh of her throat. Her powerful, slick muscles were too strong for me to wriggle free of--I was trapped!

"Oh, what-ever," I groaned.


With that, Panda swallowed me whole! I must confess, as someone who's made this lovely trip to her tummy many times before, I sometimes ponder the irony of my own distaste for being swallowed alive against my will. It's one thing when my dear Dragonair, my closest companion of the animal kingdom, does it; I always know roughly where she'll be, and the experience feels more like sliding into a warm, wet sleeping bag. But for my human pred-friends, vore can be a really crazy misadventure. All the things I love about being tucked away inside a loved one's body--the warmth, the coziness, the wet-and-dry, back-and-forth balance of being a part of another person's natural feels surreal and special and amazing.

But now? Well, I felt like someone who was wearing clothes totally soaked through by the saliva of a clever, hungry little sister, who was now on a basically one-way trip that effectively strong-armed my entire evening!

"Ugh!" I scoffed as she swallowed, my hands casually crossing the strange tissues of Panda's esophagus as more mucous and saliva clung to my hair and clothes. I knew she was  enjoying every second of her capture of me, not just from my past experiences. Her breath was quickened; I could tell as her epiglottis fastened shut during my descent.  Her body was like a livewire, humming with a rapid heart rate I could hear resonate as she pushed me past it. And don't get me started on her own voice. She was laughing and cooing and humming--heck, she may as well have patted herself on the back for the successful swallowing of her prey.

Only a few seconds later I felt a surge of pressure near my toes, then ankles, then up my legs. Her esophageal valve had seized me, and moments later I officially ended my experimental jump off the tree with an unceremonious Squelch! into her stomach floor.

"This was NOT what I had in mind, Panda!!!" I rose to my knees, a little dizzy from my crazy ride. Her stomach was its usual welcoming environment: warm, slowly kneading walls of orangish-pinkish tissue, all damp with her muted digestive juices. Her floor heaved a little with each breath, likely due to the diaphragm beneath it. I brushed as much of her sticky stuff out of my hair before steadying my body against the wall of her belly.

A half an hour ago i'd been leaning against a tree trunk. Now, the walls of one of my best friend's internal organs. That's my life for you.

"Pandaaaaaaaaaa!" I groaned, kicking into the side of her stomach. I knew the blow wouldn't do a thing to her, but I deserved a bit of venting anyways.

"Hehehe!" I heard her giggle outside. Well, outside, and inside, and all around. When you're standing within the source of a laugh, it can be a pretty wonderful feeling--or pretty friggin' embarrassing if that's the last place you wanted to end up. "Gotcha, Andrew," she said playfully. "You fell for that so perfectly!"

"Yeah, being nommed was DEFINITELY not on my radar, you....giantess," I shot back weakly. It didn't really work as an insult in this case.

"C'mon, you know it's fair and square. If you'd have said no earlier, I would've just found another way to shrink you down later. Face it, you were ending up in there one way or the other tonight." Panda sounded so pleased with her soothsaying that I wanted to laugh along with her, but I was still fairly miffed.

"Oh, so you extrapolated "please eat me" from "please come help me rake leaves," huh?"

"You don't need to sound so bugged, Andrew! It's not like I did anything bad. You know you like it in there," she giggled again. I felt a strong pressure from the wall I'd been leaning against, most likely her hand rubbing against me. I wasn't sure if it was to reassure me or to reassure herself that she'd got me safe and sound inside her tummy.

"N-normally you'd not find me complaining, Panda, you know that. But this was--I mean, it just--seriously?" I couldn't find the right words to say; on top of that, I was blushing. I'm not shy about admitting how wonderful this sweet symbiosis is, but it's not an everyday occurrence, not even between Dragonair and I.

"Yup!" was her simple reply. With that, I felt my surroundings shifting as Panda's whole body moved. "Where are we going?" I shouted above the squelching noises of her stomach.

"Well, indoors for a bit," she said. "I could always finish up cleaning outside, buuuut I was thinking i'm a little thirsty. I could use a drink."

"Oh come ON!" I groaned, juxtaposed by her giggling. "You're not adding THAT to my day, are you?"

"Now now, Andrew, you invited me over. It's only proper that you offer your guests a drink, right?" I knew she knew how badly she was messing with me.

I steadied myself with the swaying of her belly, rising to my feet again. "You'd better not, Panda. I'm not ready for a bath, you hear me? I mean I WAS gonna shower later, and now I most definitely will need to since i'm covered in goo from you. B-but you-goo is QUITE enough for one day!"

I vaguely heard the swinging of the screen door from outside, though it was mostly just her body groaning and gurgling that dominated my aural perception. My mind raced with worst-case scenarios of what Panda would swallow. I ran a mental inventory of the beverages in my refrigerator:

Grape juice: not too uncomfortable but it stains like no other, she won't pick that. Water, most likely, it could get tricky if she gulps down a small sea to her stomach. Milk, delicious to drink, NOT so delicious to try and swim in. Soda, sticky and sweet--!!!

My heart skipped a beat as I remembered something I'd just bought earlier in the day, that was cooling in the front of the fridge. Something I knew, with a sigh, would be the target of Panda's thirst.

"You got me CIDER???" I heard her exclaim happily.

"Oh, crud..." I muttered.

Apple cider. It's a quintessential drink of Fall, spiced and fruity. It's also the flavor Panda most associates with the taste of, well, me. Long story short? If that stuff ended up inside her stomach, I'd be stuck in there all night long just by her contented enjoyment of doubling up on that sensation.

"Please, just don't," I pleaded halfheartedly. I mean, how silly is this? I wanted to just chuckle and sigh and give into the silly fun of vore, but...grr, I was just frustrated. Still, I thought, this'll make for a great story to tell Dragonair tomorrow.

"Too late! It's heading down the hatch, my dear little friend!" I felt her upper muscles move a bit, tensing up then easing as a small cascade of cider splashed into her stomach.

Rinse and repeat that process--pleading and pandering only to be met by another gulp--and you can imagine how the next ten minutes or so went.

Finally we reached an 'equilibrium' as Panda entered a reclining position on my floor. At least, I think it was my floor. It couldn't have been the the couch, she was too big for it. I don't know. All I knew was I was practically adrift in a current of apple cider and Panda slime inside of her warm, cozy stomach. And every few minutes i'd hear her sigh, or say thank you to me, or feel her hand rest above me. Occasionally she'd press her fingers in, poking around under her rib cage to try and find me inside her tummy. I'd bat its indentation away, rolling my eyes at my loveable, laughable pred friend.

"Hey Andrew," she finally said, in barely more than a whisper. I crawled up to the closely-pressed walls near that upper ring of muscle, on a sort-of shoreline of pink stomach tissue against the deep brown pool of cider.

"What is it, you big lug?" I murmured back.

"You should invite me over to help with raking leaves more often."
An Autumn Adventure
TL; DR. I get nommed. xD

Hai everybody! Andrew here. So, I got a crazy good idea for a story today. And...then I wrote it. Funny how that works out, huh?

Ok ok, a little more context. See, i'm 5 weeks into my junior year of college, and i've gotta say being an English major is awesome. It's all reading and writing all the time, and I LOVE it. However focusing so much on more pieces of literature and poetry and textbooks, along with my usual repertoire of video games, has kind of muted my muse. I mean i've got IDEAS but, they're not super fleshed out. This one, however, totally struck me as right in all the right ways.

This is like, what, only the 3rd unwilling vore story i've ever written? Yeah, surprise, surprise. Y'know I talk all the time about love and intimacy and affection in the pred-prey relationship, but I totally acknowledge and love the mischievous side of things too! Just as long as it's done in a more innocent and fun-loving sense. It's no good if people get hurt or things get awkward.

It's also been a spell since i've done anything with :iconvoraciouspanda:, so I figured "why not?" I hope she enjoys this, it's been so long since I tried characterizing her. I mean, her character is so similar to her real life self (sans size--changing, unfortunately! SOMEDAYYYYYY) so making her in written form is always an exciting challenge. Did I do it? Let's find out!
There are some days where life throws you something totally unexpected that takes you out of the daily routine. I've noticed these changes can oftentimes be little adventures in and of themselves, wonderful little side stories to our "normal" walks.

Then again, living in a home full of Pokémon means that "normal" is usually anything but. So on a sunny Wednesday morning, another of life's little twists and turns came to trip me up.

Or rather, the twisting, turning tip of my dear Arbok's tail was what tripped me up.

I really should've learned by now that the long corridors of the Manor are the most likely spots for Arbok or my other serpentine Pokémon pals to ambush me! It's in their nature, after all; scouting out places to surprise their marks, which are most of the time all me. Within seconds of the toe of my shoe bumping into the purple appendage sticking out of the side storage room, she'd curled her tail all the way up my leg.

"WHOA! What the--?"

My surprise took away any kind of eloquence, and my amazement and confusion at the hurried capture Arbok made only increased as the moment went on. It's crazy how fast she's gotten at this simple science of pouncing on me, drawing me into her scaly, coiled embrace. More often than not she'll do it just for a hug, or to mess with me. I suppose it's just one of her instinct she likes to practice...then again, there's another instinct that follows that she practices all too often as well.

"What? How did she--?" I wondered aloud again. My bewilderment grew as I saw both boots--right foot, then left--flung beyond my head. Even my backpack followed; Arbok must've been unfastening the straps and laces with her jaws even as she slowly reeled me into the room with her undulating coils.

Finally her grip lessened a bit and I could roll around to face my lovely lavender lady. Arbok's red eyes were opened wide with excitement and anticipation, her ribbon-thin tongue flitting around in the air as she smiled. "Oh, A! I'm glad I caught you!" Her words were warm with the sound of her laughter, and I couldn't help but chuckle as I heard her. I knew she was attempting to make her snare seem like an accident, but I knew better than to believe that.

"Ehehehe, hey Arbok!" I blinked as I laid back, my legs now free of her tail. She'd circled around her lower body again, stabilizing her top half in that natural nesting sort of way all big snakes do. I was hoping my own happy tone would be enough to maybe just meet her with a "hello" instead of going any further. But then, of course, she replied:

"Yup! Perfect for a hearty breakfast!"

Well THAT did it. My entire schedule for the day, much less my immediate plans, had just gone out the window and I knew it. Arbok had 'requested' I put aside anything else; I was hers now.

Might as well enjoy it, then! I thought.

"Ohhhhh, I see where this is going, you sneaky girl." I wasn't sure whether or not she knew I'd figured out her intentions even earlier, but I enjoy making her feel as if she's a clever predator. I mean, after all, her trap HAD worked. And perhaps I could've escaped, perhaps I could've fought her habits. But one of the things I've learned about life and its little trip-ups is that, sometimes, it's ok to just go with the flow.

I leaned in towards the patterns on the inside of her hood, along her throat and 'chest' sections. Gently I rubbed up and down the rings of skin and scales, just like you'd scratch a dog under the chin or on their forehead. Arbok loves that feeling, I know, and the deep red hue of her blushing as I massaged her there indicated I was right.

"Mmhm," she cooed, her lower jaw falling open as her tongue flicked out again. I knew I was coaxing her right into the feeling she loved, the feeling of safety and trust as a special friend offered himself up. She'd performed her 'hunt' and was more than ready to enjoy the spoils.

I closed my eyes and relaxed, waiting for her to make her move. I was pleasantly surprised to not feel the frightful jump of her powerful body pouncing, but instead, a gentle warm breath that surrounded me from the head down. Arbok had lifted up to near her full 15 foot height and was breathing down all around me. It was perfectly relaxing to feel her exhalation, her atmosphere, begin to become my own.

"Ooh, your breath is quite warm," I complemented her as I felt the slightest bit of moisture touch under my chin. It must've been her tongue, giving me one more serpent's kiss before her next action. That motion came, and it was such an amazing feeling I forgot all about my earlier cares.

Any big beast could become a predator to a smaller one, that's a fact of life. But my dear Arbok, she was so much more than a sweet, sassy face or a hungry tummy. I felt her in that moment, not pouncing to push me down to her stomach or nibble on me in some new show of strength, but bringing me inside her most special hold. Arbok was beginning to swallow me whole and alive, and it was just about the greatest feeling you can imagine. I blinked one eye open, smiling as my cheeks felt rosy and warm again from the sensation. She'd moved quickly but with such gentle, delicate care; already my head was beyond her striking white teeth or ruby-red gums, beyond the base of her tongue or her ridged palate.

In a matter of seconds Arbok had already begun to swallow me up. My head was inside her esophagus, the warm, wet tube that would wind all the way down to her stomach and take me along with it. Her throat trembled and quaked, and I realized how much effort she'd put into making me her meal this way. My legs were still totally free, and her jaws had only passed a little bit beyond my shoulders, all without using her tail or lower sections to squeeze me up and into her body.

It was her way of giving back to me. Really, why else would a powerful predator forsake using their tools of the trade to take a prey inside? Arbok didn't want me to feel like a meal--she wanted me to feel at home.

"Mhhh, I missed how you just slide into me," she said dreamily. I could hear her so well from where my head lay. I mean, I heard ALL of her; the gentle whoosh of air entering and exiting with each breath, the trembling squelch of her throat muscles easing me down inside her body, and of course the strumming th-thump of her heart beating. All of her sounds, the symphony of being swallowed alive, surrounded me as I laughed. Surely I can join in, I thought half-jokingly.

As I started sliding deeper I felt my whole body disappearing beyhind her smiling jaws. My shirt, hat, and jeans were all soaked through to various degrees from her saliva, a satisfied coating of soft watery stuff that made slipping on in even easier. Her gooey saliva stuck to my bare skin as well, splashing onto my arms and my cheek as she devoured me. I didn't mind one bit; the feeling was so comfortable and cozy inside her esophagus that I wouldn't have minded much of anything at that point.

Glk...glk... Her throat trembled as she swallowed wave after peristaltic wave around me. "Almost there," I heard Arbok say in an almost motherly whisper. I could only muster a muffled grunt of general approval at her words, lest I risk getting a mouthful of esophageal wall in my face!

At last I felt my ankles entering the end of her maw, about to squish between the soft tissues of her throat. There was still no sign of her stomach before my open eye; her gullet groaned and gripped me back and forth in a reddish pink tunnel that seemed to never end. It was a straight up-and-down drop by now, as Arbok had straightened up to better swallow me. With the horizontal slide slipping me down her digestive path, I stretched out both arms in front of me to feel my way within her. The gentle gooey juices inside her splashed against my skin and clothing as a natural liner for the loving descent.

Just then, from outside her tissues and throat, I felt a powerful round lump touching me all along my back. It was her tail, I think; even through the walls of her body Arbok was still holding me, guiding me downward.

"Ahhhh..." I heard her sigh contentedly. "Just seeing your body slowly slide down deeper into me...Mmmmm~" I understood her happiness quite well, since I'd seen this scenario so many times before. Just the feeling of live, loving prey can be completely revitalizing to my serpent friends. No violence or domination, no pain or elimination necessary; Arbok seemed to be most satisfied just by knowing I was all hers.

The ultimate expression of that sensation soon arrived, as my hands slipped between an undulating gateway of pinkish tissue. Soon her throat squeezed me down the last stretch of her esophagus, and with a mighty Glp! I entered her stomach. The tight squeeze of the esophagus disappeared as the gentle churning of Arbok's belly caught me in a cozy embrace. It was a slimy, slippery hug, her internal liquids layering onto me in thin foamy patches as the rest of me was pushed into her stomach.

There inside the slimy, soft, special place, In the dim red light that barely trickled down her throat to her tummy, I smiled and sighed peacefully. Wholly claimed, yes, but wholly cuddled as well, caught up in a special sort of bliss in her belly. I reached up and kneaded my hands into the sticky, squishy folds, her stomach shaking to and fro from the gentle massage inside her.

"That feeling...of you inside my stomach. To feel your every move inside me~oh my." Arbok's voice was light and fluttering, obviously a side effect of what she felt deep inside. I chuckled and continued to tickle away at her sensitive tummy tissues, pleasing my precious predator from the inside out.

"A, you know how to make a snake happy!" Arbok praised.

I flopped back onto her belly floor at her complement, satisfied at my job well done. "Aw, thanks Arbok." I felt a strange wave of warmth reverberate throughout my cozy chamber, and noticed her wet, gentle walls flushing a brighter red shade. She must've been embarrassed with how well I'd worked my wiggling, tickling magic! "Hey, did you get warmer all the sudden? Or did you just miss me?"

Arbok laughed, her special mood rightly discovered by the captive friend cuddling inside her digestive system. "Heehee! One mightbe caused by the other...

So as I laid there inside Arbok's stomach, I realized a little life lesson I wholeheartedly follow. It's one I recommend you do, as well: when an unexpected path takes you by surprise, relax! Let the adventure unfold and see what's in store for you. Don't get caught up in worrying about it, either; just enjoy the walk and live with an open heart, and you never know what will happen.

And at any rate, what good will worrying do when life (or a playful, protective predator) catches you anyways--hook, line and sinker?
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And of course, I got asked to do my literary interpretation of his artwork, so it's time for another round of Panels to Pages!

This stuff, this fluffy, fun stuff between Arbok and A--gah it just melts my heart! It's so cute to watch their relationship, as Pokémon and trainer, friends, predator and prey--there's even a little girlfriend/boyfriend stuff in there as well!

I hope you all enjoy this fun piece, and be sure to check out A's piece when it's posted!

Arbok is a property of the Pokémon Company, but the character license of THIS Arbok (as well as A) belong to :iconlivinlovindude: So NO TOUCHIE WITHOUT PERMISSIE!

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I wanna address something though, for newcomers and people who know me in real life too. I am in fact a fan of Vore, which is (in most cases but NOT mine) a fetish involving being consumed alive by another living being, for their satisfaction. But i'm trying to challenge that thinking with the story of my own life. This is how i put it:

"I'm a Christian. Up until a few months ago, when i realized these feelings i'd had my whole life meant that i was a voraphile, i believed it was impossible for a Christian to have a fetish. And in a sense, it is: vore doesn't turn me on. It fills me with this incredible feeling, a satisfaction at the contentedness of the predator and the warmth surrounding the prey. This is a connection unlike any other, a symbiosis based off of trust and love, and the desire for pred and prey to do something incredibly kind for each other.

To take the prey inside, hold them in the closest and warmest embrace in existence, a peaceful and soft and warm and squishy resting place ever-warmed by the beautiful beatings of the predator's heart. Prey gain this safety and security and tender care within their predator, and the one who took them in gains the satisfaction of keeping a life safe inside them, holding them close and keeping them safe and sound. And both thrive in the trust and caring wrought by the experience, and often times a contented rest...the predator pleased with their loving snack tucked away within, and the prey being rocked to sleep by a beloved belly and a metronome heartbeat. That's what vore is to me, love and safety and security."

So i hope you'll all look at Vore as something more than a gross quirk, and try to see the beauty of it. I still do; I see it as an innocent and loving bond of trust, despite being imagination. The feelings behind it ARE real, and the friends i've made from it are what matters.


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